Why is People Magazine writing about Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelley?

Today, Genevieve Kelley made her $250,000 Cash Bail and People Magazine Staff Reporter Elaine Aradillas (@elaineja) covered the story. It included a photo of the smiling Genevieve Kelley and her supporters.

This photo of a parental kidnapper who evaded the criminal justice system is an insult to not only the missing children’s community but our nation’s Family Court System. Genevieve and her supporters are trying to make the case that if a custodial-embattled parent does not like a judge’s custody ruling, then they can take the law into their own hands and flee to another country. Anyway you look at it, what Genevieve Kelley did is wrong and she has no legal defense. Anyone who has followed these cases will see that Genevieve Kelley is creating another forum for this horrible and vindictive crime against a minor. And People.com is allowing Ms. Kelley, her attorneys and her friends/supporters to wrongfully use their publication to disparage the child’s father and his reputation. The father in this case is a physician. The proper place for this debate was in Family Law Court. I personally have no sympathy for Ms. Kelley. She had the economic means and support of her friends who raised $250K in bail money — why wouldn’t she have just taken her case back to Court.

Genevieve Kelley deserves the maximum jail time and when convicted should pay restitution to the father of all his court and search costs.

I am disgusted with People Magazine and urge the Family Abduction community to not only cancel their subscription but write their Editor (editor@people.com). You can also contact People Reporter Elaine Aradillas on her Twitter account at https://twitter.com/elaineja.

Note: We are not posting a link to the photo because it is offensive to all Parental Kidnapping Victims and their Families.


5 Responses to Why is People Magazine writing about Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelley?

  1. I hope her supporters are sleeping well at night.

    • underwatch says:


      I am disturbed how even of handful of individuals can support Genevieve Kelley. If they took the time to read the facts in this case, they would find out what a pathetic and disturbed individual she is. Genevieve showed no respect for the court, the judge, the Guardian ad-litem attorney or and of the child protection professionals. She even moved from New Hampshire to Denver, Co without the court’s permission. She engaged in therapist shopping and when she can’t get any of them to agree with her — she creates her own disgusting video tape. I believe that video tape is similiar to the Faye Yager type interviews where the interviewer tries to force the young child into a disclosure. Genevieve is certainly not qualified to interview a child although she may think she is.

      I too hope her supporters can sleep at night with their ignorant view in thinking that Genevieve Kelley is not guilty. The crime she comitted is a serious crimmal offense — I don’t understand why they are smiling in the photo.

      • Paul says:

        Unfortunately, this woman would be far from the first parental kidnapper to have a significant contingent of supporters. I am reminded of another parental kidnapper – who I will refer to as D, but who has been prominently mentioned elsewhere on this website – who also has plenty of supporters on her side. As disheartening as it may seem, I think trying to get this kidnapper’s supporters to change their views will be as difficult as trying to get D’s supporters to change their views on D’s actions in her particular case.

      • underwatch says:

        Hi Paul, in both cases I don’t personally believe that the number of actual supporters is a significant number. I don’t believe most of these supporters will understand that it is morally wrong to support a parental kidnapper that does so with no legal justification like D and Eileen. Their support is probably more of a protest or support for their unrelated cause. They haven’t taken the time to think that it’s like showing support for the KKK or some other politically incorrect extremist organization. In any country, you can’t have parents defying court orders and fleeing to another country simply because they didn’t agree with its decision. This crimes and its punishment ruins lives including the victims. Unfortunately, the media usually gets it wrong in these cases. They don’t mind sensationalizing these cases when you have a mom or child willing to be a poster adult or child for this cause. But after these cases are adjudicated and the media goes away, the defendant has a felony crime on their record. And that’s a serious matter. A felony limits ones ability to travel the World and access to enhace their career. In America, they don’t have the same rights. In the case of Genevieve Kelley, she wants to be a physician again. I bet D wants her life back too. Both of these individuals still have those lives. What would have been do bad about sharing custody and obeying a judge’s court order?

      • Genevieve Kelley certainly is a manipulator and hurt both her ex husband and her daughter by not allowing her to have a relationship with her father.

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