Is Mary Nunes Now a Kidnapping Victim of a Stranger Abduction?

Mary Nunes, Eileen Kelley, Scott Kelley

Editors Note: Now that Mary Nunes is 18 years of age, her alleged kidnappers Genevieve Kelley and Scott Kelley can be charged under the International Parental Kidnapping Law. But what about a Stranger Abduction or Kidnapping under 18 USC § 1201 – Kidnapping? There is no maximum permissible punishment for a person charged with this crime.

I would really like to see our nation’s legal system find a way get the pathetic parental kidnapper Genevieve Kelley to disclose the location of Mary Nunes. It disgusts me that she can even find an attorney to represent her. Her actions against the child’s father and his family are so cruel. We can’t have family court cases decided by a parent that completely ignores a judicial court custody order. We can’t have a parent kidnapping an adult child after he or she turns 18.

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