Is Scott Kelley Dead or Alive?

Scott Kelley - Is he Dead or Alive?

Scott Kelley – Is he dead or alive?

As Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelley begs for bail money from the general public, a really horrible scenario has surfaced. Where is Genevieve Kelley’s second husband Scott Kelley? Is he dead or alive? We’ve seen before in several other Underground cases in which the Underground mom disposes of or divorces the spouse that aided and abetted in the kidnapping. Is this case, Genevieve surfaces with a young son. But what about that son’s relationship with his father? Is Genevieve now also writing the father of her second child out of the child’s life? Why wouldn’t Genevieve just leave her son with the father?

In cases like this, why wouldn’t Scott Kelley call the District Attorney and agree to testify against Genevieve Kelley. He would most likely not be charged. He would get custody of his young son.

Meanwhile, Genevieve Kelley appears to have the funds to hire both an in-state and out-of-state attorney for her legal defense.

And why haven’t the police interviewed Genevieve Kelley’s son as to the location of his father and Mary Nunes? He’s certainly old enough to provide information.

This case gets more disturbing as the facts start to surface. We really hope that Genevieve Kelley will tell the truth and come clean as to the location of both Scott Kelley and Mary Nunes. A trial is not needed for that.


4 Responses to Is Scott Kelley Dead or Alive?

  1. I read somewhere that Genevieve Kelley’s son has special needs. He may not have the metal capacity to provide information. Also, don’t parents have to consent for minors to be interviewed? I highly doubt she would.

    • underwatch says:

      The kidnapping of 8 year old Mary Nunes ten years ago was a serious felony crime. Today, an investigation continues to find Mary. I would think that law enforcement would do everything it can including interviewing any potential witness. Why shouldn’t law enforcement ask this child where his sister is and where he has lived? Genevieve Kelley appears to have had very questionable parenting skills and has been charged with a horrible crime against a minor. I don’t personally believe her consent is as important as finding the kidnapped child. I trust law enforcement will find a way to bring Mary home soon.

  2. A Psuedo Abductee says:

    The man IS alive and the young lady IS home. She is home with the stepfather she called ‘Daddy’.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi, can you provide any proof of this? If not, this has to be one of the cruelest comments ever posted to the site in the past 20 years. You have a father, a physician that has not seen his child in 20+ years and you post a message like that. Why would you do that? Genevieve Kelley like the other parental kidnappers in a case like this had no reasonable belief that her child was endangered. If you have seen the evidence in this case, you would arrive at the same conclusion like the judge in this case that denied both the affirmative and competing harms defenses. What if it were your child that was unreasonably kidnapped? And you heard that your child IS home with with a stepparent.

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