Breaking: Genevieve Kelley Sent Back to Jail – Cash Bail set at $250,000

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Parental Kidnapper Genevieve Kelly

During a court hearing on December 18, 2014, in Coos County, New Hampshire, a judge re-set Genevieve Kelley’s bail at $250,000 cash. Genevieve Kelley will be sent back to jail to await her trial. Prosecutors raised questions about whether she has failed to turn over passports she may hold in other names.

Genevieve Kelley won’t say where her daughter, 18-year-old Mary Nunes is. The judge didn’t rule on the prosecutor’s request to order that Nunes be brought out of hiding. County Attorney John McCormick had wanted the court to order an evaluation and treatment of Nunes free from her mother’s influence.


Union Leader

US News & World Reports


Editor’s Note
As Genevieve Kelley goes back to jail, one has to wonder:

– Will any of Genevieve Family Members put up the $250,000 cash bail?

– Will Genevieve divulge the location of her daughter Mary Nunes as a first attempt to re-build her reputation and trust of the court?

– Will Genevieve Kelley continue to engage in parental alienation and not allow the Nunes family to send Christmas gifts to Mary?

– Will Genevieve Kelley go a further step and allow Mary Nunes to start Reunification Therapy with her father?

– Will Genevieve Kelley elect to stay in jail rather than care for your young son?

– Will the judge put a gag order on Genevieve Kelley and her attorneys to prevent them from trying the case in the media and disparaging the reputation of her former spouse?


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