Eileen Clark Convicted of Felony Parental Kidnapping

Eileen Clark - Convicted of Felony Parental Kidnapping

Eileen Clark – Convicted of Felony Parental Kidnapping

On December 17, 2014, Eileen Clark was sentenced and is now a convicted U.S. Criminal with a Felony Record. With her three children in the U.K., there are sources that indicate she can return to the U.K. Since she married a U.K. citizen, it sounds like she has certain citizenship rights in the U.K. However, we find it difficult to believe that the U.K. would want any United States Citizen in their country that has a criminal felony record. Especially after she fought the extradition order. In most of these cases, parental kidnappers break many other laws in those countries. We would not be surprised to hear that Eileen Clark is once again in the news for a crime that she committed. Eileen Clark was ordered to pay the father $1,500 US in restitution. When I first heard that figure, I thought it was a typo because a figure of 1.5 Million, $150,000 or even $15,000 would sound like the amount of restitution. The Judge probably felt she was near indigent and with the felony conviction will never work another day in her life. That felony conviction will follow Eileen Clark around for the rest of her life.

We wish the well in reunifying with his three children. We believe those now adult-children now know the truth in this case. And by Eileen Clark pleading guilty, their mother is the convicted criminal and their father, the victim.


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