Parental Kidnappers of 2014

Here’s our list of parental kidnappers of 2014. During the year, all of these parental kidnappers were incarcerated or jailed for their crime. All of them kidnapped their children from the United States to another country and lived underground or in hiding. In 2015, each of these kidnappers will go on trial or be sentenced by a Federal Judge for their crime against an innocent child.

We would like to see each of them spend one day in jail for every day they kidnapped their child from their custodial former spouse. Parental Kidnapping is one of the most horrific crimes against a child and is one of the most severe forms of Domestic Violence. We applaud the efforts of the United States Department of Justice, International Law Enforcement Agencies and the Legal Systems and Local U.S. Law Enforcement for ensuring the criminal prosecution of these cases.

In 2015, we look forward to seeing convictions in these cases. We also want to see every searching parent in these cases reunified with their now adult-children. It’s time for these adult victim-children to be the responsible adult in these cases and send a clear message to their kidnapper. Their kidnapper had other legal options and should never had committed this outrageous crime.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Genevieve Kelley Parental Kidnapper

Genevieve Kelley

Dara Marie Llorens, Parental Kidnapper, Sabrina Allen

Dara Marie Lorens

Eileen Clark

Eileen Clark

Jacqueline Bontzolakes

Jacqueline Bontzolakes

2014 Major Events in Parental Kidnapping Cases

2 Responses to Parental Kidnappers of 2014

  1. Lorraine says:

    I certainly hope an appropriate punishment is handed down to that Kelley woman. But, I won’t hold my breath, judging by the Bontzolakes sentence and the every likelihood that the Clark woman will more-or-less get away with the lightest of slap for what she did.

    I am not seeing Dorothy Lee Barnett getting more than a little slap on the wrist for the international parental child abduction side of her crimes. Not right is it, considering Mr Todd received a 20 year sentence in not knowing where his daughter was. I believe she will get a decent sentence for the other matters that she has been charged with, and rightly so.

    What stands out with just about all these women is that is it never their fault that they didn’t like court outcomes or they chose not to operate within legal parameters. Their husbands were just about all portrayed as either being the axe murderer, the abuser from hell, with a vile pedo reference thrown somewhere in the mix for good effect, and so on. Up until now, the strategy has more-or-less served these types well. Not any more, and one by one they are being showcased for the nasty, vindictive, vicious, hateful, selfish, spiteful, maladjusted individuals that they are.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Lorraine,

      I agree with you that the maximum 3 year prison sentence for the International Parental Kidnapping Crime doesn’t seem long enough. This U.S. law was passed in 1993 and there has not been any successful efforts to amend it. I recollect there was a case in which the prosecuting attorney only charged the parental kidnapper with passport fraud. I thought that he felt it was an easier crime to prosecute. I have noticed that there is a recent trend for Federal Judges to give the parental kidnapper the maximum sentence. If you compare the crime that these individuals committed to the 20 year kidnaping by Dorothy Lee Barnett, this is why I would like to see her get the 20 year prison sentence. See some of the these cases below: Jeffery Shipman pleads guilty in Syracuse after taking daughter out of country Jeffery Shipman, who took his daughter out of the country in a custody dispute, pleaded guilty today to one count of obstructing the lawful parental rights of the girl’s mother…Shipman told the U.S. District Court in Syracuse today that he spent three years in Thailand and a year and a half in Europe. He said he taught English in Thailand. He was formerly a project manager with state Department of Transportation…Prosecution and defense agreed on a sentence of 30 months in prison. Judge Norman Mordue said that jury selection had been scheduled to begin Friday. (August 23, 2012) Calif. man gets prison in parental kidnap case LOS ANGELES – A 16-year-old boy whose father abducted him and his brother and took them on a two-year, international odyssey with their uncle and cousin pleaded Tuesday with a federal judge for his father’s freedom. But it was to no avail.U.S. District Judge Otis Wright ordered a 27-month prison sentence for George Silah, one of two brothers who abducted their sons and took them out of the United States without the consent of their ex-wives in 2008. (May 29, 2012) Former Niagara Falls woman sentenced for international parental kidnapping — An upstate New York woman who was convicted of international parental kidnapping of a child was sentenced to 18 months in prison. The sentence is the result of an investigation conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) (March 26, 2012) Defendants Sentenced to the Maximum in International Parental Kidnapping CaseU.S. Attorney William J. Hochul, Jr. announced today that Linda Wynn, 63, and William Amacher, 40, of Jamestown, New York, were sentenced to three years in prison by Chief U.S. District Court Judge William M. Skretny after pleading guilty to international parental kidnapping in March, 2010.(July 21, 2010)

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