Breaking: Dorothy Lee Barnett Bail Hearing Scheduled for Monday Nov 24th

On Monday, November 22nd, Dorothy Lee Barnett  (“Lee Barnett” aka Alexandria Canton, Alex Geldenhuys ) will ask U.S. Magistrate Britow Marchant for bail. Lee Barnett, a former flight attendant had fled Charleston, South Carolina to Germany, South Africa, New Zealand before being captured in Australia. When arrested, Lee Barnett was found with a New Zealand Passport, a fake birth certificate from Texas for her daughter and herself and U.S. Passports.

It is expected that Lee Barnett’s daughter, Savanna Todd (Samantha Geldenhuys) has come home to Charleston, South Carolina and will make an appearance in Court at the bail hearing. Samantha appears to be the current “poster child” for parental kidnappers or proclaimed “protective parents” like Lee Barnett that kidnapped their child rather than stay in the community and share custody. It was Samantha Geldehuys that was interviewed in a controversial story by Australian Today Tonight Reporter Laura Sparkes. Rather than focus on the horrific criminal act of a parental kidnapping on young children, Laura Sparkes further provided a platform for Lee Barnett to alienate and exploit the now adult-child against her biological father. In Australia it is legal to pay the defendants for media interviews and it is rumored that Samantha and/or the Barnett Family were paid thousands of dollars for the story.

Dorothy Lee Barnett

Bail Hearing scheduled for November 24, 2014

Editor’s Note: In these protective parent trials, the defense usually attempts to try the case in the media rather than in the courtroom. This is so that that the defense can raise funds from the local community. During today’s trial, we may start to see the cast of characters involved which might include: Dorothy Lee Barnett’s mother, Cliff Barnett, Gordon King and maybe even Laura Sparkes. Some of these individuals may have been involved in aiding and abetting Dorothy Lee Barnett for the last 20 years, others may just want to inject themselves into the case. Let’s hope that this judge puts a gag order on the defense attorney and the witnesses in the case will save their testimony for the trial.


ABC News


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