More Lies from the Dorothy Lee Barnett and Her Defense Team

Dorothy Lee Barnett on the lam for nearly 20 years

Dorothy Lee Barnett on the lam for nearly 20 years

As expected, we are hearing more lies and now medical issues with Dorothy Lee Barnett. The last time we checked, Dorothy Lee Barnett’s mother was living in Belize. Now at 83 years old, the elder Dorothy Barnett is alleged to have a home in Charleston that the daughter would like to live in. Lee Barnett is also trying to claim she has medical issues having lost 15 pounds. Why is it that almost every arrested and incarcerated parental kidnapper has some type of unknown medical condition that can’t be diagnosed or treated while they are incarcerated?

Meanwhile, Dorothy Lee Barnett’s attorney Russell W. Mace is filing dart board like motions for case dismissal where are common in these cases. These actions are a waste of the court’s time and resources. What we continue to not understand is that Dorothy Lee Barnett is now trying to exhaust ever legal remedy for her defense between fighting extradition; claiming a statute of limitations; and a lack of jurisdiction for the passport fraud charges. Yet why didn’t she hire an attorney like Russell W. Mace for committing this horrible crime? Why didn’t she exhaust every legal remedy back then? We have a very difficult time feeling sorry for her. In addition, we are now hearing that Dorothy M. Barnett and Cliff Barnett are willing to put up $1.4 million in property as bail. Now where were Dorothy and Cliff and their money when Lee was contemplating going into hiding. It is so difficult for any searching or recovering parent to believe that Dorothy and Cliff didn’t provide Lee with money when she was in hiding. In fact, the research would tell us that it’s near impossible. We wonder what evidence has will be uncovered during a future criminal trial that will also incriminate Dorothy M. and Cliff as third party conspirators.

Although the real story here is that it sounds like if another hearing occurs, Savanna and her step brother want to fly to the United States to attend the hearing. This is the first good news we have heard. Savanna would be “Coming Home” and this would be her opportunity to start to discover the truth in the case. As they say in these parental kidnapping cases, as time elapses you will eventually know which parent was telling the truth.

We applaud Harris Todd and his Family for their patience and dedication to reunifying with Savanna. We admire the parents like Harris who are patiently waiting for their once kidnapped and now adult-children to finally come home. If you read some of the stories on the website, there many adult children that have reunified with their searching parent. We are hoping that Savanna will find the courage as an future medical professional to seek a relationship with her father and to finally come home to Charleston.

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5 Responses to More Lies from the Dorothy Lee Barnett and Her Defense Team

  1. Amanda says:

    Harris todd never loved his daughter. he is a bitter, vindictive man. why does he not try to have a relationship with his daughter to this day? He NEVER wanted her. He did everything he did to hurt Lee. HE should be in prison, not her.

    • underwatch says:

      Amanda, you are delusional and ignorant. Today’s fathers like Harris are not like your grandfathers and previous generations. They believe in coparenting and if a mother is harming her child, will go to court to get custody. Perhaps you should go to college and get a degree as a child psychiatrist before stating if any parent never loved his child. Dorothy Lee Barnett is a kidnapper and went to prison. She should have served 1 year in prison for every year she kidnapped the poor innocent child.

    • Apparently so is Dorothy. And so is her family.
      I don’t believe, for a minute, that Dorothy’s mother didn’t know that she was concealing Savanna from her father

    • Lorraine says:

      Amanda, I bet you also still believe in the tooth fairy.

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