Breaking: Eileen Clark Pleads Guilty – Admits to Court She Is Guilty

Eileen Clark is Pathetic Liar – Falsely Accused Her Former Spouse


After the near 20 year parental kidnapping, her extradition from the United Kingdom and alienating her children against their father — Parental Kidnapper Eileen Clark has pleaded guilty in a United States Federal Court. It sounds like her guilty plea is an admission that she made up the allegations against her former spouse.

As we’ve seen in these parental kidnapping cases, the kidnapper’s motive is anger and revenge against the other spouse and not love for their children. In the end, she’s a pathetic liar.

Emma Norton and Liberty Should Apologize to the Father

The controversial lawyer Emma Norton slandered the father in the media. There are those that have said the Liberty in the UK is comparable to the ACLU in the United States. That’s far from the truth as it’s apparent that Liberty did not investigate the case. Eileen Clark admitted with her guilty plea that she falsely accused her former spouse. She made up the allegations. We would like to see Liberty and Emma Norton issue a formal apology to the father John Clark. It’s time Domestic Violence Advocates also acknowledge and be held accountable for cases involving false allegations. Emma Norton should resign or be fired from Liberty.

Emma Norton Liberty Attorney

Controversial Lawyer Emma Norton Represented Eileen Clark

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