Arrested Parental Kidnapper Dara Llorens – New Details in the Case

Photo: Rodolfo Gonzalez

Photo: Rodolfo Gonzalez

The story of arrested parental kidnapper Dara Llorens continues in a Travis County Courthouse in Austin, Texas. Dara Llorens is accused of kidnapping her 4-year old daughter Sabrina Allen, 12-years ago. She is being held on a bail of over $1 Million dollars.

Like most of the parental kidnappers that are finally arrested, Dara Llorens was appointed an indigent defense lawyer. She claimed to have no assets in both Mexico and the United States. Now the Public Defender’s Office will be paying the bill for Dara Llorens’ defense.

Dara Llorens kept a Go Bag near the door and in the 12-years had lived in several cities including Cancun, Conzumel, Mexico City and Zacatecas. Cancun and Conzumel seem like familiar beach destinations where other parental kidnappers have lived in hiding.

The details of this case continue to show the horrible parental alienation that Dara Llorens inflicted on her own daughter. She was apparently told so many horrible things about her biological father and she is not yet ready to meet him. However, she has asked to meet with her former kindergarten teacher in Mexico, who is now the Searching Father’s wife.

In an interesting twist to the case, when searching for his daughter in Mexico, the searching father met his daughter’s kindergarten teacher in Mexico. The then 5-year old child told her teacher her story and how much she missed her father. The teacher told authorities about Dara Llorens and before authorities could make the arrest, Llorens fled. The Searching Father ended up getting married to the child’s kindergarten teacher (she was fired from her job after reporting the missing child to authorities).


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