Breaking: Sabrina Allen Story Brings Out Stories of Adult Survivors of Parental Kidnapping

In following the Sabrina Allen Parental Kidnapping Recovery in Mexico, we have never before seen such a proliferation of stories from the International Parental Kidnapping Community. This includes many stories from adult survivors of this horrific crime against innocent children. As many of us have talked about in the past week, sometime in the distant future the public’s perception of this crime will begin to change.


Here’s are some of those stories:

“But I feel like a person that will kidnap there own child just to keep them from the other parent is selfish. She didnt care about how that would effect her daughter’s life.” – Kristan

“Reunification between a loving father and daughter is ever so sweet. Don’t let them keep you apart any longer get the proper help and get her back with her loving family. – Dorcy

“I was an abducted child. Your story is so similar to mine. I was a toddler when my father took me. He had unsupervised visitation rights. And… one of those visits was supposed to be for a short weekend trip. We were on the run for 11 years” – Mary

“This happened to my 2 minor children(4yo,6yo) in 2012. I did not know whether they were dead or alive for several months. I have just recently found them.” – Miles

“When one parent interferes with the relationship of a child and their parent it creates nothing but havoc in the lives of families but especially the children. What was this mother thinking?” – Joe

“I was touched by this story as I was a victim of parental abduction . My mom had us for her weekend as my dad had custody of us. He would have her come to our house so we wouldn’t have to go somewhere else so on the day she took us he had left and she said we were going for ice cream and we never made it there are she took us and ran with her boyfriend who had abused us. She didn’t really want us she just didn’t want my dad to have us.” – Deborah

For the full original text of these stories, visit Greg Allen’s website. Greg Allen is the father or Searching Parent of Sabrina Allen. Greg search 12 years before finding his daughter. He has since been reunified with her.:



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  1. CAROL yOUNG says:

    Faye Yager IS A HERO!

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