An Open Letter to The Good ‘Ol Girls of Mooloolaba County Australia

Dear Dorothy Lee Supporters,

In Bruce Michell’s postings, he has publicly criticized the Charleston, South Carolina Family Court Judge that attempted to protect young Savanna Todd by awarding custody to her father. He called them Good ‘Ol Boy Network alleging that they somehow were influenced by wealth and power of Savanna’s father.

In some of Bruce Michell’s other posting, he has also bragged about Dorothy Lee Barnett’s support group in Australia of 40 to 80 year old women with good and varied life experience.

It occurred to me that the one-sided Laura Sparkes News Story; the attempt to inject Australian politician Mal Brough into the case — this was the Good ‘Ol Girls Club of Mooloolaba County Australia doing everything possible to keep Dorothy Lee Barnett in Australia. They were not interested in doing the morally correct thing for current and future victims of parental kidnapping. Instead, they wanted to use their influence and power as part of this Good ‘Ol Girls Club to prevent Dorothy Lee Barnett from taking responsibility for those actions in America.

I am certain that most of these Good ‘Old Girls Club members currently have or will eventually have grandchildren and great grandchildren. In the interests of providing a better future for future generations, I want to urge you to re-think your position on International Parental Kidnapping. This is a horrible crime against innocent children and your unconditional support of a defendant that has committed this crime is an insult to the victims of this crime.

It appears to me that we do not know of any of you that have pushed Dorothy Lee Barnett to encourage Savanna to reunify with her father. We think that is horrible.

I really challenge you to use your intellect and try and begin to understand what it feels like to be a victim of this crime. Please try and consider what it would feel like to not know if your child is dead or alive for 20 years.

The Editor


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