Law Enforcement Speaks Out Against Parental Kidnapping

Dara Marie Llorens, Parental Kidnapper, Sabrina Allen

Parental Kidnapped Dara Marie Lorens – Now Arrested

After a 12-year search, Sabrina Allen has been found in Mexico and 44-year old parental kidnapper Dara Llorens has been arrested. During the 12-year kidnapping, the child was subject to intense manipulation and parental alienation.

In most Parental Kidnapping Cases, law enforcement does not make too many public statements after the child is recovered with the pending adjudication of the case. But in this case, it’s one of the first times law enforcement has provided statements to the media which provide an insight into the emotional abuse inflicted on a young child as well as law enforcements dedication to pursing and prosecuting these cases.

“Whether it’s 12 years, one month or 20 years, we don’t quit, and we don’t stop,” “That’s certainly no way for a child to live their life,” “Constantly on the run and never having the ability to live a happy and carefree life.” — FBI Special Agent Dan Powers

“I say this for Sabrina and I say this for all the other missing children is that we will not stop until all our resources are expended and we find the children that are missing,” — Austin Police Assistant Chief Troy Gay.


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