Breaking: Another Parental Kidnapper Arrested – Dara Marie Llorens

Arrested in Mexico after 12 Years

Dara Marie Llorens, Parental Kidnapper, Sabrina Allen

Parental Kidnapped Dara Marie Lorens – Now Arrested

Another International Parental Kidnapper has been arrested, Dara Marie Llorens kidnapped her then four-year old daughter on April 18, 2002. After being on the lam for 12-years in a case that was featured by Adam Walsh on America’s Most Wanted, she was living in Tlaxcala, Mexico about 75 miles southeast of Mexico City. Dara Marie Lorens was deported to the United States to Austin, Texas in cooperative efforts by the San Antonio FBI, U.S. Marshals Service, Austin Police Department, the FBI’s Legal Attache assigned to the United States Embassy in Mexico City, the Mexican Federal Police and the National Institute of Immigration, Mexico.

Dara Marie Llorens  is currently being held in Travis County Jail in lieu of a $300,000 bound.

The child is now 17 years old and is receiving treatment in a Texas medical facility.

Time Warner Cable News – Father Patient, Yet Anxious, To Reunite with Missing Daughter (10/2/2014)
The Federal Bureau of Investigation – Fugitive Wanted for Parental Kidnapping Captured in Mexico (10/1/2014)

Editors Note: On behalf of the Family Abduction Community, we want to take this time to recognize the efforts of all law enforcement organizations that assisted in the 12-year search for this parentally kidnapped child. We are very happy for Greg Allen the recovering parent and his family and friends.

If you have not seen Greg’s video, here’s a link. We encourage our website visitors to donate to Greg’s daughter Sabrina Allen. As those of us in the Family Abduction Community know, Greg and his family will need to ensure that Sabrina gets the therapy she rightfully deserves.

2 Responses to Breaking: Another Parental Kidnapper Arrested – Dara Marie Llorens

  1. Congratulations on finding your daughter Mr Allen. Hopefully you and your daughter can recover.

  2. Adela says:

    Just a quick correction. The city (and state) is Tlaxcala, not Tiaxcala.

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