Parental Kidnapper Arrested – Airlines Diverts Flight

<> on January 23, 2014 in San Francisco, California.


It is customary in a Joint Custody Agreement for Family Law Attorneys to have both parties agree to not take a child out of country without: “express written and notarized consent of the other party, provided in advance of the trip.” For a mother in the United States with a 4-year old son with dual U.S.-Chinese Citizenship, that’s just what she agreed to. But that mother just like other International Parental Kidnappers made the decision to ignore the Judge’s Court Order that she agreed to and signed. Last week, that mother boarded a Untied Airlines Flight to Beijing, China out of Dulles International Airport with her child. This was no doubt a one-way ticket and since China does not a signatory to the Hague Convention — it might have been the last time this child would have resided in the United States.

The flight took off for Beijing and this parental kidnapper most likely thought that she had gotten away with it. However, that’s when Federal Law Enforcement Officials in the United States made a request to United Airlines that the flight return to Dulles International Airport. United Airlines complied with that request and the plane landed, the mother was arrested and the 4-year old child was returned to his custodial father.

Editors Note: As a member of the International Family Abduction Community, we applaud both United Airlines and Federal Law Enforcement Officials for protecting this 4-year old child’s custody rights. This child has a right to a relationship with both parents and through their actions, this child’s life will be forever changed.





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