Breaking: Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett is Finally Coming Home

Dorothy Lee Barnett

The Australian Media is reporting that Dorothy Lee Barnett will finally be surrendered to United States Authorities for extradition back to Charleston, South Carolina, USA — the jurisdiction where Barnett fled in 1995. Barnett was arrested in November 2013, and it took almost 10 months for the Australian Courts to authorize the extradition. During that time, Dorothy Lee Barnett has been incarcerated in an Australian jail. Barnett hired attorneys to appeal her extradition for both International Parental Kidnapping and Passport Forgery. It appears she demanded and received every legal right to prevent the extradition.

Editors Note: As a member of the Family Abduction Community, we applaud the Australian Court System and Government for authorizing the extradition and for allowing Dorothy Lee Barnett to use every legal remedy under Australian Law. That said, in legal speak it appears that Dorothy Lee Barnett has finally “exhausted her legal remedies” for her extradition back to the United States. We look forward to hearing that Dorothy Lee Barnett is on a airplane back to the United States . We want to see Dorothy Lee Barnett’s evidence that she “exhausted her legal remedies” before kidnapping her child. Despite the media she has received so far, we have seen No evidence that she “exhausted of her legal remedies”. She simply decided one day that she was above any United States Judge’s Custody Order and she was going to determine custody of her child. The time has finally arrived for Dorothy Lee Barnett to come home to stand trial for her criminal acts and her horrible crime against against a minor.

The Editor


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