Breaking: Eyewitness News 4 – John Clark Speaks Out

Eileen Clark, John Clark, Eileen Van Sant

John Clark speaks out after the arrest of his former spouse Eileen Clark or Eileen Van Sant Clark who abducted his three children 16 years ago. Eileen Clark is claiming to be a victim suffering from Clinical Depression, PTSD and Fear of Flying.

“She told them I didn’t love them. I love my kids. I still love them. My heart was ripped apart when they were gone. What she did was tore them down. She broke them down. She removed any memory of me and then she rebuilt them the way she wanted. That is parental alienation and that’s exactly what she did to my kids and that’s what they’ll attest to today,” said John.

“I don’t like looking at this situation now where the press and other people are making it look like I’m the abuser when she’s been married to another man who she ran off with over 15 years ago,” said John.

Editors Note: It was reported that Eileen Clark faces 3 years in prison. That would be 3 years for each child or 9 years.

KOB 4 Eyewitness News 4


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