Parental Kidnapper Elieen Clark Arraigned in United States Federal Court

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On Monday, July 7, 2014, arrested Parental Kidnapper Eileen Clark, 57 was arraigned at the Pete V. Domenici United States Federal Courthouse in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to prosecutors, Eileen Clark disappeared from Placitas, New Mexico in 1995 after her husband told her he wanted a separation or divorce. She went to Santa Fe, San Diego, to Canada and then to London. Then she told her kids that her dad didn’t love them anymore. The FBI or her former spouse John Clark did not learn of Clark’s location until thirteen years later in 2008.

Eileen Clark’s defense attorney is David Foster.

There is another hearing on Tuesday morning, July 8, 2014 as federal prosecutors request that Eileen stay behind bars. It says Eileen is a danger to the community and an obvious flight risk.



13 Responses to Parental Kidnapper Elieen Clark Arraigned in United States Federal Court

  1. Neha says:


    • Mary says:

      Neha, your posts are consistent – consistently irrational, foaming rant, manipulative, meaningless spewforths. I hope they help you deal with whatever your own personal living hell is or has been.

    • Celeste says:

      Neha do us all a favour and don’t breed.

    • Judith says:

      Question. Which of the following best describes Neha/Sheila Marler/Malla (from Arizona)?

      a) she has a bipolar condition. During the “maniac” phase, she suffers from intense bouts of rage and anger that come up out of nowhere. Filled with rage, she’ll find something to give her reason to unleash her anger on – typically something she’s read in social media that reminds her of some bad experience in her own life.

      b) she suffers from a form of Borderline Personality Disorder or a similar class IV DSM personality disorder.

      c) She is sane, but she has a cruel, sadistic nature deep down. By claiming to support victims of “abuse”, she has the perfect cover story to vent out her sadistic fantasy.

      Do these things mellow out with age? Are aged women who rant and foam actually listened to and given the same level of attention as a younger woman?

      The most severe aspects of “Neha’s” condition seems kick in once or twice a month and last for a few hours. This explains her short, sharp outbursts with no attempts to better convince or explain her position more clearly. But she doesn’t bother with that as it doesn’t serve her purpose.

      Let’s be honest here. These women aren’t genuinely interested in the subject matter. They couldn’t care less about Dorothy or her daughter, nor could they be bothered about Mr Todd either.

      These people like Neha do little more than go on the Internet looking for avenues where it can be considered socially acceptable to express their irrational aggression, cruelty and sadistic fantasy. They come to a site like this one, because it is active and they feel that there are readers who might get “wounded”. Which is all they really want to do – not provide any rational reason why we should change our views on the case at hand.

      I think we all should be patient and wait a few more weeks for Neha/Sheila to have another episode, and we’ll hear from her once more.

      • Celeste says:

        She definitely needs her medications and maybe even a strait jacket and gurney?

      • hammy64000 says:

        Judith, remove my name from this post. I’m not Nala and I’ve never commented on Eilene Clark. I commented previously on Dorothy Lee Barnett. Did that offend you? It must have. My goodness you do have a short fuse don’t you? To the blog owner, this is slander. Please remove Judith’s irresponsible comment.

    • Judith says:

      If you were walking down the street, and you felt a globule of spit following by a rant about how you will be burning in Hell, then it’s possible the person may look something like this.

      Folks. I’d like to present….. Neha Malla.

      • hammy64000 says:

        You don’t post your picture and probably not your real name, so you don’t fear lying about people. I’m sorry you are so torn up that women have rights. I can see that it caused you a lot of pain. Problem is, it’s you who have a problem–not me. Maybe you are ‘truth teller’ who came to my blog and told lies about Dorothy Lee Barnett. I knew you wanted her to suffer, and now I know how wrong you were about the facts of the case.

    • Celeste says:

      John Clark has every right to be upset. His daughter is so warped that she doesn’t even know who she is as a person.

  2. Celeste says:

    She’s acting like she’s the victim and she’s not the victim here. The only victims here are John Clark, and his children.

  3. hammy64000 says:

    I assumed this was a responsible site. I was wrong. This is a hateful site.

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