Federal Judge Doesn’t Understand Parental Kidnappers

As the Family Abduction Community knows, Federal Court Judges don’t get too many International Family Abduction Cases. That said, to free International Parental Kidnapper Eileen Clark to a halfway house after she evaded authorities and kidnapped her three kids for nearly 20 years makes no sense at all. In past cases, we’ve seen these several cases in which the arrested or convicted parental kidnapper goes on the lam again. The kidnapper like Eileen Clark has shown no respect for a judges ruling in the past, why would those circumstances now change. 

It would not surprise us to hear that this Judge did not take custody of Eileen Clark’s United States and British Passport or even inquire if she or someone else held passports from other countries. We imagine that she would be on some type of ankle bracelet monitoring, but in other cases, that’s not always the case. 

Parental Kidnapping is considered by many in the Family Abduction Community to be one of the most severe forms of Family Violence. In these cases, the real Abuser is the Parental Kidnapper, Eileen Clark. Throughout the past two decades, she violated a judge’s custody order; told her children that their biological father did not love them anymore; was on the FBI’s Most Wanted List; stated she had Clinical Depression, PTSD, Fear of Flying; and has more or less blamed everything on her former spouse. So we will on to say that this Federal Judge probably didn’t issue a restraining order against Eileen Clark against contacting her former spouse or any member of his family. 

There are also allegations that Eileen Clark received assistance from Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground Group. In previous cases, when an underground mom goes into hiding with this group, she will receive lifetime legal assistance from a fund set aside for her. If that is the case, then we would like to know who paid for her U.S. Attorney’s Fees. This group has been known to assist underground parents going into hiding a second time to “get even with the court system”. This group does not believe in the Family Court System and if Eileen Clark is allowed go inject herself back into that community to help other moms, then that fact should be enough evidence to consider her a danger to the community. 

Finally, we hope that the judge put a gag order on Eileen Clark so that she won’t be able to further blame the victim. The victim is this case is the biological father and unlike rape cases, the victim’s identity is public. To release this pathetic parental kidnapper so that she can further disparage the victim in his own community is insensitive to the rights to all searching and left-behind parents that are victims to a parental kidnapping.

The father in this case searched for his kids for nearly 20 years, it’s time that the court system delivered some justice here. This Federal Judge didn’t appear to understand the seriousness of this crime and certainly the impact if she goes on the lam again. 

Editor’s Note: There have been a number of recovering parents that have said they have received death threats from the supporters of the Children of the Underground. We really hope that Eileen Clark did not receive such support, but we understand in one of her statements that she brought her children to a doctor in Atlanta before she fled. In our experience monitoring this group, this sure sounds like Faye Yager to us. 


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