Breaking: John Clark Makes Statement

Just hours after his former spouse was arrested for the parental kidnapping of his three children, John Clark has posted a statement on his 20 year ordeal. Here is a reposting of his statement:

“I have reason to feel blessed on this Independence Day, July 4th, 2014…

God knows what I have been through for 20 years. 20 years of anguish, sorrow and disappointment over the kidnapping of my three children, whom I have loved and prayed for daily since they were taken by my then wife, Eileen Clark. Upon receiving current news on the Eve of Independence Day, all I could do was well up with tears of gratefulness for our country of the United States of America, the justice for which it stands, and the perseverance of those who fight for justice. I am also grateful for the wisdom and clarity of the justices in the UK who made a prudent decision in finally enforcing her extradition.

It is true and it is sure…Eileen Clark has finally been delivered to the United States of America to face her crime of kidnapping my three children 20 years ago, as she has lost every appeal over the last four years in England. All I can say is “Game Over”. It is time for the seeds of truth to rise up so that the deeds of deceit can be cut off. I empathize with the thousands of mothers and fathers out there who are searching for their abducted children, and I want you to know that I will fight for you and your parental rights, ensuring that all of your voices are heard as the trial of the United States of America vs Eileen Clark proceeds.

Many people from around the world have inquired as to the “other side”, or John Clark’s version of the story. The details are many, but some I don’t even understand as of yet, hence the “trial”. However, I can assure you that prior to when she left, I was her loyal husband, who was truly concerned about her and the children’s health and well being, and I was committed to being a good and loving father, and mentor to my children. I was in shock when I came home from work one night almost 20 years ago, to find that the house was dark, and I didn’t hear the sounds of children playing and laughing as usual. It was chilling to see that their favorite toys, books and even their clothing were left behind.

In the coming days and months, you will probably hear many false accusations and negative things about me by news reports which come from human rights groups in England and elsewhere. I can assure you that these statements are not true, which I am prepared to prove in a court of law as a witness. You must understand that this tactic is often used by many in the same situation as Eileen. It is an attempt to plant a bad seed in the public view to create a false sense of “innocence” and “victimization” on her part, when actually the real victims here are myself and my three children, whose lives are forever altered and indelibly scared since our relationship was abruptly cut off by her.

Eileen Clark will fabricate and say anything that she believes will be effective in thwarting a prison term for her crime, and at any cost. I want my children to hear the account of the crime in a US court of law, verses what they have been told by Eileen Clark and Ron Woolsey, her third ex-husband, repeatedly for 20 years. I believe that the trial process will be revealing and bring much needed clarity to all of us who have questions about the details of her premeditated departure with the children. They were only ages 2, 5, and 7, so where mommy goes, they believed they needed to go.

Eileen decided that she would start a new life without me, taking the children with her and then allow another man to raise my children without any contact with me. She left me while we were still married. I can only imagine the cries of my children as they were ripped from my home and taken away, with the intention of never seeing me ever again.

It has taken a long time to process this traumatic event in my life, but I have learned how to keep the faith, allow new love to enter my life, strengthen my resolve, forgive those who falsely accuse me, persevere, and heal through it all.

But I am greatly assured and at peace, due to the wonderful and supportive family, friends and colleagues I have surrounding me, and my faith in God who vindicates. I am confident that the Truth will prevail.

Ultimately, I wish for my children to know the truth even if by means of a trial, to set a precedent regarding child abduction and to give hope and encouragement to those parents who are hopeless about ever seeing their children again.”

John Clark


Read His Statements


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