The Sad Case of Kristin Ruggiero – 7 to 14 Years in Prison

She Falsely Accused Her Ex-Husband of Domestic Violence

Here’s what Kristin Ruggiero did:

  • Lied to police, prosecutors and in court, all for the purpose of setting up her husband and it all started from a divorce and child custody case.
  • Kristin was angry that her ex-husband wanted something to do with his children post-divorce, so she was falsely accusing him.
  • “While Jeffrey Ruggiero was being investigated, his ex-wife called him at all hours and taunted him over the phone, according to court testimony. “She mocked him. She laughed at him. (She said) ‘I took all your money, I took your daughter and now I am going to take your career’,” Assistant County Attorney Jerome Blanchard said in court yesterday.
  • She bought a cell phone in his name and started sending threatening messages from it to herself. She then went to police with “proof” that he’d violated the terms of his bail.
  • Her ex-husband was convicted in April 2008 on this false information. In September 2010, a Superior Court judge vindicated the ex-husband by annulling his convictions.

Kristen Ruggiero

On December 29, 2011, just hours after hearing her conviction for fabricating evidence against her ex-husband was upheld by the New Hampshire Supreme Court, 36-year old Kristin Ruggiero suffered a seizure and died at the Women’s Prison in Goffstown, New Hampshire. She began serving a 7 to 14 year sentence on August 19, 2010.


National Parents Organization

Seacoast Online


2 Responses to The Sad Case of Kristin Ruggiero – 7 to 14 Years in Prison

  1. Celeste says:

    Wow that is one sick woman!

  2. Wynter says:

    Was it ever determined as to what caused the seizure? A pre-existing medical condition? Bad batch of drugs in prison? Results of a beat down?

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