Bruce Michell now a Foresnic Analyst?

For many of us that have been following the Dorothy Lee Barnett Case, we wondered why Dorothy Lee Barnett’s friend Bruce Michell was supporting her? Was he a protester of the government, which is common in other cases like this? Apparently,

Bruce Michell

Bruce Michell

in a Channel 7 News Video, Bruce Michell is now claiming to be a Forensic Analyst. Bruce Michell’s company Rimlex Ltd trading as Nabis Dredging has had some on-going issues with the Australia Department of Environment. In 2011, they were issued a $2000 fine as well as penalty infringement of $5000.

According to this news source, Bruce Michell took this matter to the shadow attorney-general.

As we have always stated about this case, International Parental Kidnapping and Passport Forgery are serious Global Crimes that our World’s Judicial System must take seriously. You can’t have parents solely deciding these cases by acting as the Judge, Jury and Executioner. The child has a right to both parents.

Finally, we wonder what qualifications and professional licenses Mr. Bruce Michell has as a Forensic Analyst?

Job Dredges Up Trouble for State (Noosa News, 5 April 2011)

Angry Dredging Operator Shuns Fine (Sunshine Coast Daily 24, April 201)


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