Dorothy Lee Barnett Extradition Hearing Now Scheduled for February 10

The Australian Media is now reporting that Dorothy Lee Barnett’s (alias Alexandra Geldenhuys / Alexandra Canton) Extradition Hearing originally Dorothy Lee Barnettscheduled for Monday February 3, 2014 has been rescheduled for February 10, 2014.

These are common delay tactics when a lawyer asks sympathy from the court to give them more time to prepare. Often new legal representation is brought in. Meanwhile, Dorothy Lee Barnett Team appears to have plenty if time for the Media. This is another common tactic we’ve seen in these cases as the defendant’s legal team is more interested in trying the case in the media than the courtroom.

We find it ironic that today Dorothy Lee Barnett and her team of supporters have a sense of entitlement to make sure every single one of her legal rights is protected by the legal system, the very system she fled 20 years ago. Yet for the past 20 years that same system was unable to protect and ensure this father’s right ordered by the legal system to be a father to his own child.

Dorothy Lee Barnett sits in jail and on behalf of every Searching and Left Behind Parent that has been victimized by this crime, we applaud the courts for keeping her there. The worst thing that could happen in this case would if the courts allowed her to escape from jail and once again, flee the legal system.


37 Responses to Dorothy Lee Barnett Extradition Hearing Now Scheduled for February 10

  1. Tiredof bias articles says:

    Are you kidding, you don’t have to be a genius to work out why this mother fled. Her only priority was the safety of her daughter. The original hearing was littered with inaccuracies and bias opinions all in favour of the father, who only ever seemed concerned with getting back at his ex wife. I hope she is never made to return to America, a country, where clearly people with friend in high places can be bought and pre determine the outcome of a court hearing. Going by recent media reports of the biological father, he seems to have a bit of a temper himself and did not appear to be the least bit interested in his daughter.

    • sc1420 says:

      Glad that they have more time to prepare. Lee needs to be with her children.

    • Celeste says:

      BULLSHIT! The only reason why she fled with her daughter is because she didn’t get what it was she wanted.
      She wanted full custody of Savanna with no contact with her father.
      Benjamin Todd has every right to be angry with his ex-wife who cared nothing about her daughter and only cared about getting back at him for having supervised visits.
      She had previous kidnap attempt before Savanna was even born.
      She robbed this man of 20 years of birthdays and christmases with his daughter, not hers, his daughter.

      • S says:

        You are correct Celeste. I pray she has the decency to stand up admit she has made a terrible error in judgement , facilitate a reunion between father and daughter and stop poisoning her daughters mind with contrived fabrication. The abduction was heinous but the NEW. Defense that Harris is a child abuser is beyond my ability to understand. I fear she is committing judicial suicide because there is no truth to it. That will come out soon enough. Lee is creating another train wreck it’s like watching it happen all over again. My heart goes out to all parties involved.
        Lee dropped a bomb on everyone around her when she pulled this mess.. This was all so unnecessary.

      • Drew says:

        To put it plain and simple Celeste, you’re an absolute idiot.

    • Neha says:

      BRAVO!! FREE Dorothy Barnett – the TRUE mother!!

  2. underwatch says:


    You are a very disgraceful and shameful person to believe that this mother had a legal right to solely determine custody of her child. To further think that Judges in America can be bribed for custody of a child is outrageous. So do you think that this father paid a judge for this custody decision? If so, where’s the evidence? Your allegation is that judges can’t be bribed in Australia but they can be America? What kind of person are you? Dorothy Lee Barnett has had 20 years to find this evidence, but so far has produced nothing.

    The father and child in this case are the victims and you apparently are not capable of understanding that.

    The Editor

    • Jenny Robbo says:

      and you “The Editor” are a total moron.

      • Celeste says:

        And you don’t think that Dorothy should be made to pay the consequences for emotionally harming her daughter and emotionally harming her ex husband?
        She was wanted on a Charelston District Court Warrant for 1st degree custiodal interference and an FBI warrant for Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution.
        In short she was fugitive using forged travel documents to stay in Australia.

      • underwatch says:

        Hi Jenny,

        I acknowledge how you feel as most likely a friend or supporter of Samantha Geldenhuys. Some people that have never been a tragic victim of a parental kidnapping or high conflict custody dispute may be easily influenced by one sided news reporting and legal rhetoric. In following these cases over the past 20 years, we find that these parental kidnappers had no intention of “telling their story”. Everything she did was to setup a defense for the crime she was going to commit. When you watch these one-sided stories, it’s more relevant to observe for what is what we are not being told. For example: the reporter Laura Sparkes has Samantha tell us she is not a victim, because she can’t find a psychiatrist to be interviewed to say she isn’t. That’s because Samantha is a victim. Jenny, can you imagine taking your 1 year ild child and calling her Savanna, and then calling her Samantha one morning? Can’t you imagine little Samantha telling her mum, “No my name is Savanna!” That’s why Dorothy Lee Barnett deserves 23 years in prison.

        The Editor

      • Mary says:

        Jenny, the world is wising up to these Dorothy types who believe they are a law unto themselves. They have no qualms in doing the crimes, but are not so keen on doing the time when caught.

        Despite the spin, the demonising and the airbrushing, Dorothy’s wrongdoings are not misdemeanours. They are indictable offences for which she must be held accountable. To the list of obvious indictable offences, there are many others that relate to gaining entry into countries, residency and citizenship on false statements and false passports.

        As a consequence of this woman’s wrongdoings, Dorothy leaves a trail of victims in her wake. And, as The Editor correctly identifies, Dorothy’s daughter and her daughter’s left-behind father as two such victims.

      • Judith says:

        Jenny, rage and anger is usually a sign of impotence and powerlessness.

        I’ve never seen someone like Dorothy being given so much free advertising and publicity to show the Universe her innocence in the matter. Therefore why haven’t the supporters used this free gift to show the public the evidence?

        Despite an extreme media bias and a boastful claim by MP Mal Brough, the Australian public aren’t buying the story nor supporting the cause. Even the “domestic violence” and abuse crowd aren’t all that interested. Normally they’ll be foaming and raging for months and spamming every Facebook page and media comments section. After a small number of postings, they seemed to have lost interest maybe 36 hours later.

        In any case, I highly doubt that Dorothy will be denied the opportunity to present her case in court.

      • Neha says:

        RIGHT ON, Jenny!! This is one sided dogmatic site…

      • underwatch says:


        I will bet that before Dorothy Lee Barnett was arrested and jailed for Parental Kidnapping, you knew nothing of this horrible crime against a child. After coming to this website, at the very least you have been enlightened to know that this is a serious crime.

        One day you get married and have a child. When that child is born, you will see that is one of the happiest days of your husband’s life. On the day that your child turns one, I want you to consider what kind of mother would be so pathetic and cruel to change her child’s name?

        Them think what it would be like for you as a mother if your husband kidnapped your child for 20 years?

        Could you wake up each morning and keep looking for your child?

        Meanwhile, there is some dumbass named Neha that says that your former spouse did the right thing by kidnapping your child!

        The Editor

      • Fair says:

        I love you Jenny

    • Neha says:

      Your website is one-sided and bogus!! This mother is a SAINT!!

      You have nothing better than insult a person whose opinion is different from yours!! What a bigotry!! U r the same as that father – a despot!!

      NO judge in his/her right mind would EVER take away a nursing baby from her mom!! This is BEYOND insane!!

      • forthelost says:

        If the mother is a danger to the child, I would. But apparently no mother is ever a danger to a child in your world.

      • Celeste says:

        Bullshit Neha. They took this child away from this mother because she was constantly putting this child in danger.
        She drank while she was pregnant and physically abused this child’s father.

        Then this mother emotionally harmed this child and her ex-husband by kidnapping the child and taking her away from her father.

        Faye Yaeger should be in jail too because she was the reason why this happened. Sainted Faye Yaeger aided and abetted in a kidnapping.

        You also seem to be supporting passport fraud.

      • Mary says:

        Neha, you are quick with the foaming rants, but motor along at slower than snail pace when it comes to backing up your dogmatism. As an example, you claim this woman is a “saint”, a “true mother”, “this mother did what she had to do”, and the like. Your reading public are “all ears”, patiently waiting for you to factually back up your sweeping statements.

      • Celeste says:

        No judge in his/her right mind would denny a good father access to his child.
        She’s no saint. She’s a selfish individual, I can’t say what I want to say, for taking her daugher and hiding her for 20 years.
        And the so-called “supervisor” should have been more vigilant in supervising the mother.

    • Drew says:

      You have no idea at all.

  3. S says:

    In the United States if a child is taken to the hospital and the Dr. Feels there is any signs of child abuse they are required by law to report it to the authorities. Why is there no such report anywhere? It’s because it never happened. This was contrived right before Lee took off to help her if she were to get caught. This was orchestrated. There is no justice for this crime. Lee will be judged accordingly when she meets her maker. You cannot give Harris and his daughter back the twenty years they have missed. You can only go forward. According to Samantha , Lee has been a wonderful parent and I am so grateful to know she is alive and well. A serious crime has been committed . A more serious crime is being committed by accusing Harris(the victim) of something so despicable. I have known both parties for many years and there is no truth to this latest defense attack and I will shout this to the roof tops.
    I hate to see Lee in jail. I am hoping there can be some kind of judicial compromise but I fear by her not taking responsibility for her actions and further igniting the situation by poisoning her daughters mind so much that she refuses to meet her father ….this is a train wreck. AGAIN

    • Celeste says:

      You have to remember S that Miss Barnet took the law into her own hands. She had a lot of help in hiding Savanna from her father, no I don’t believe that members of the mother’s family didn’t know that she was concealing Savana from her father, but that neither here nor there.
      Savanna may not feel like she’s a crime victim now and she may not feel like her birth father was a crime victim but both Dorothy and Harris know he and his child were both crime victims.
      It’s not that I don’t have any sympathy for the child in question but in time she’ll soon realize that her father always had her best interests at heart.

      • S says:

        Harris worshipped his daughter that is for sure. Still does. I have written to Lee repeatedly. hoping for some kind of a meeting of the minds. It’s falling on deaf ears . I hope Samantha is reading this because I feel she is being made to make a choice …. I told her there is no choice to make. She has 2 parents that love her with all their hearts and to please open her mind and meet her father. Lee is taking a huge risk not coming clean right now. Time will tell but it looks to be a long and rocky journey. So much unnecessary pain caused .

    • Mary says:

      Hopefully, some form of punishment, rather than your hope, S, of some kind of judicial compromise, will be handed down to Ms Barnett for her numerous crimes, none of which are minor. Ms Barnett – a non-Australian citizen – appears to be fighting extradition, so it is hard to view her as showing any remorse or taking any responsibility for her actions.

      Since Ms Barnett’s apprehension, victim Savanna/Samantha (who somehow still doesn’t see herself as a victim) has been trotted out on a national television program to publicly venom-spit at long-suffering victim dad. And, I suspect, in the hope that an enraged public will only be too willing to separate from their money to fund her legal defence.

      Ms Barnett has been pipped at the post for the Australian public – wider than her circle of friends and some acquaintances – to gullibly swallow her nonsense. The other Mountain Creek international parental child abductress played the media, the Australian legal system and the Australian people’s financial generosity and their generosity of spirit like a fiddle. People are still trying to wipe egg off their faces from that harpy.

      Unfairly in comparison to the crime, the punishment for female parental child abduction, once the abducted child reaches adulthood, probably does not amount to much other than a small slap on the wrist. It is all the false identity and false passport statements, entry into countries and citizenship on false statements and identity that she is unlikely to get away with so lightly.

  4. Thomas says:

    The judgement in this case did not use evidence that was held by the defendant. That was stated by the father. He has not been seriously looking for his daughter. He is an opportunistic person seeking to harm his ex further as his daughter has stated she categorically does not want to be with him. Read her lips and get over it you lot.

    • Celeste says:

      And you think that she didn’t manipulate the system in Australia? How stupid are you Thomas?
      Obviously this child has been manipulated and brainwashed by her mother to believe that her father is an evil child abuser. I really believe that Savanna was coached about what to say.
      I believe that this child has stockholm syndrome. She identifies with the person who kidnapped her.
      She doesn’t know who she is because of a manipulative mother who 1. took her from her her rightful custodial parent and 2. then met and married another man thus further hurting the father.
      Dorothy had an ample opportunity to share custody of her daughter and yet she didn’t take it because the agreement stipulated that she get treatment for her bipolar disorder.

      • Reece Geldenhuys says:

        Lol. So does that mean that I’m “brainwashed” too Celeste? I think what you’re trying to imply is something along the lines of my sister is unintelligent and can’t decide for herself.. You are so so wrong. I think we know a little bit more and a little bit better than you do in this case Celeste, so perhaps you should worry about your own family instead..

      • Sonya says:

        Reece. You don’t know me but I have known your moms side of the family forever. If you need anything please let me know. I will do anything for you or Samantha I can. I know Uncle Cliff is there and he is a good man. Your Mom is very angry with me because I would not perjure myself for her but it does not mean I do not care. This will be a long and difficult journey for all involved. Stay strong. Focus on yourself, your studies and be positive. I am very sorry to hear about you father. You are going through much more than a young man of your years should ever have to deal with. Keep the faith.

      • Reece Geldenhuys says:

        Sonya first of all I’m always going to stand up for my mom or sister if someone says they have some bullshit sort of metal illnesses. Secondly, if you say you’ll do anything you can for my sister or I, then please, please, please stop getting involved with my moms case. It’s making matters worse for not only us but our mom. We all believe we have sufficient evidence and justifications to support my mother. I am well aware that you are on Harris’ side, so-be-it, it doesn’t bother me, the only thing bothering me is all this garbage written on here which is just floating more misinformation on the internet. If you have your opinion on the whole ordeal, then talk to Harris about it please as opposed to posting it all over the internet. How many blogs have people on my moms side set up sledging Harris?

    • Mary says:

      She said. He said. They said. More importantly, after a 13 day custody hearing, the judge said, and that is what matters, Thomas. A question for all the enraged apparent friends of Ms Barnett who are now so full of the good oil is, “How come you didn’t assist your friend to look for ways to appeal court decisions?”

      What a load of drivel, Thomas “… he is an opportunistic person seeking to harm his ex …” As you are aware, it was non-custodial parent, Ms Barnett, who bolted on false documentation, along with false documentation for Mr Todd’s daughter. Nothing to do with Mr Todd. The false documentation, false passports, entering countries of false documentation and false statements, citizenship and permanent residency gained from false statements and false documentation, and assumed financial benefits claimed and provided in those countries on false statements and documentation may also add to Ms Barnett’s woes. Not Mr Todd’s doing.

      If the late Mr Geldenhuys was not now resting in eternal peace, he also would have some serious explaining to do with the authorities in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. It was identified on the Today Tonight segment that the late Mr Geldenhuys knew of the falseness of the false documentation of his wife and step-daughter. Not Mr Todd’s doing.

      Mr Todd and his daughter are both victims. Mr Todd’s daughter is young and certainly does not have the wisdom or the maturity of life experience to guide her. But, these are very early days and, I believe, in the fullness of time not even her increasingly-dependant mother or the harpy army will get in the way of this young lady making contact with her father and paternal family.

    • Judith says:

      Thomas, you can keep fluffing on about unused evidence all you like. The reality is that your statements have no substance to them. No justifications or explanations are required because all of that was tested before a court, and none of you felt any appeal or complaints about the conduct of the judicial process required any action taken any time in the past 20 years. It’s as simple as that.

      I understand the desperation that Dorothy’s side must feel. It must be frustrating when you have absolutely no control over any future outcomes in this matter and there is no words or phrases they can come up with that can punish the father or those who are critical of Dorothy.

      I know exactly what the game is. It’s the same pattern and same formula approach with all of these types of stories. What the supporters are trying to do is incite members of the public to do all the work on their behalf, and pay for it all out of their own money. Not only that. They want other people to actually dig up any “evidence” as well, since they never had any facts of any substance to begin with.

      It’s like they’re trying to make a three course banquet, but they want it for free and are only providing air and water as ingredients.

      The reason supporters of Dorothy put so much faux interest in what they think Savannah wants in life is simply based on the fact that they can use her as a “proxy” so that they can have the father punished through her. They are too cowardly to take any actions on their own. They figure that they can achieve their goals through the daughter, since they themselves don’t want to dirty their own hands.

      This is what it all boils down to when you cut through the smoke and mirrors.

      • Sonya says:

        I have known Lee since she was 4 years old. I have known Harris for 25 years. Harris Todd worshipped his daughter. Still does. How dare you suggest he has not been looking for his daughter. I have joined him on television programs trying to find her. We have begged Lee to come home.
        His interest is not in punishing Lee. His only interest is to foster a relationship with his daughter. This man has been tortured ENOUGH
        Time will show you there is absolutely no truth to Lee’s allegations of child abuse. She is committing judicial suicide by taking this route. This is like watching a slow train wreck again….,
        If she came clean she would probably only get a slap on the wrist but she is making it a circus ( again) and this time I fear the worst for her.

      • Celeste says:

        right on Sonya.

  5. Celeste says:

    The only way for Dorothy to get out of the fix that she’s in is to admit to wrongdoing and tell Savanna the truth that she took this young woman from her birth father.

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