Today Tonight Video – What an Irresponsible Piece of Journalism

The Today Tonight Video was out last night and it’s the most one-side irresponsible piece of journalism that we’ve seen in many years. Here are observations:

  • A Photo of a Baby with a Bloody Nose – That appears to be the so called proof that Dorothy Lee Barnett / Alexandra Geldenhuys. Most custodial embattled mothers wouldn’t commit a felony crime with that type of evidence.
  • Living Pay-Check to Pay-Check – Dorothy Lee Barnett was living pay check to pay check and had to mortgage her house to attend a funeral in South Africa of her ex-husband. That doesn’t sound like such an “amazing” journey.
  • Judge’s Court Order – Back in 1994, there was no judge in Charleston, South Carolina, USA that is going to tell Dorothy Lee Barnett who gets custody of her child.
  • Bruce Michell – There is no judge in Charleston, South Carolina, USA or in Australia that probably ever convince him that Dorothy Lee Barnett is the real abuser in this case and that one of the most heinous crimes committed against a child is a parental kidnapping. He sounds like a protester from the ’60s that is more interested in the protesting than trying to de-escalate this situation in the “best interests of this adult child”.
  • Divorce – There was no mention of the divorce from her second husband and the reason he had an affair behind Dorothy’s back. That is relevant as to Dorothy’s true character but left out by Today Tonight.
  • Patti Roth -Where was Patti Roth to provide advice to her friend back then on the consequences of committing felony crimes? That doesn’t sound like a very good friend. Nevertheless, the answer to Patti’s question about what happened in the court hearing is documented by several news sources: “the judge repeatedly cautioned her for making remarks”. There are reports that Dorothy needed to be restrained.
  • Cliff Barnett – Of course he is going to support his sister. But did he know where she was?
  • Dorthy Barnett (the Grandmother) – Of course she helped her daughter and knew where she was. What a liar!
  • Dorothy Lee Barnett – It feels like she orchestrated this from her jail cell. But she’s where she belongs. Her amazing journey will no doubt end in a prison cell in the United States. Parental Kidnapping is a serious global crime and it’s up to the Australian and United States Courts to set the standard for the rest of the World.
  • The Father – Of course the father Harris Todd is not going to give an interview to Channel 7 and of course he loves his brainwashed daughter and wants to be reunited with her. If your child was kidnapped for 20 years, would you give up or do everything in your power to find that child? There are some in the Family Abduction Community that have said that my now adult-child has emerged as an adult child that appears to be a hustler or swindler. Let’s hope that’s not the case with Samantha.
  • Faye Yager, The Children of the Underground – There was no mention of assistance from Faye Yager. Faye might have injected gender or even “Satanic Ritual Abuse” into this case. Yet when Dorothy was in hiding, Faye was in the media running interference for Dorothy. We wonder why the Barnett Family didn’t want Yager involved in the case.
  • Samantha Geldenhuys – She pathetically suffers from a severe case of “parental alienation” and “parental kidnapping”.  In the Family Abduction Community, we’ve seen this and it is embarrassing to listen to her pathetically defend her mother. Any money she personally received from this TV interview should be spent on therapy from an independent therapist familiar with parental kidnapping. She shouldn’t spend any money on her mom’s legal defense. Her mother put her in this position and she should think of herself before thinking that her mother shouldn’t take legal and civil financial responsibility for her actions.

Finally, this website was contacted by Stephanie Picone of Channel Seven Australia. Over the years, our identity has been kept anonymous because of several death threats from some of the extremists that attach themselves to these types of cases. We did some checking around and were advised not to trust Channel Seven. We have heard that it is common for families being interviewed like the Barnett family have sign-off or editorial review on the show. From seeing this video, that sure sounds like the case. We choose not to respond and stand by that decision.


7 Responses to Today Tonight Video – What an Irresponsible Piece of Journalism

  1. Mary says:

    These programs are all about ratings, not reality. Here, the competition hots up around the 6.30 pm time mark. Therefore, the storyline has to be tailored to grab the viewing public’s attention, sufficient enough to compete with a similar current affairs program running at the same time slot on another channel. More importantly, it is also dinner time, a time when households may switch off their television sets, and cactus for ratings.

    What usually follows next is a feature article in some woman’s magazine, again on a fee-for-service basis. The magazine storyline is predictably tailored to the magazine’s reader base, and pre-trailered to incite emotion and outrage. The aim is to increase product sales, in the era where people are increasingly doing most of their reading online and not buying printed material.

  2. Neha says:

    * WHAT a BULL of crap. How is the fact that her ex cheated on her “relevant” to her character??

    * this mother did what she HAD to do!! She is a TRUE mother!! Not an abuser. Yes, she lived a paycheck to paycheck? How does that make her a bad mom? I am sure she has made tons of sacrifice along the way to raise her daughter.

    Whoever wrote the above article is a complete moron!! It is just sickening!!

    • Celeste says:

      BULLSHIT Neha! This mother had untreated bipolar disorder and was constantly putting Savana in danger. She could have had joint custody of her daughter if she had her bipolar treated. She also had a previous kidnap attempt before Savanna was even born!
      She defied a court order giving custody of Savanna to her father.
      If Harris Todd was such a monster then why did he never give up trying to find his little girl?
      As for Faye Yaeger she should be in jail too for helping to hide Dorothy and Savanna. It’s called First Degree Custodial Interference and she shouldn’t be immune to prosecution.

      • Drew says:

        Celeste you look like such a logical, heart-warming and caring person; just judging from your selfie profile picture on here.

  3. Just a Mom says:

    How can one kidnap a child before the child is even born? Now when a man plants his seed, does this trap a woman where he lives forever? Take note moms and moms to be.

    • Judith says:

      Just a Mom, you sound like another person pretending to be outraged, and haven’t read the story in any depth. It’s as if one changes the words of the story to make it sound more sensational, they think that other reads might stumble across their post and their own outrage will be triggered, and thus more and more numbers will join in to support the campaign.

      Savannah was actually past the embryo stage of development when all this happened.

      You sound as though the concept of raising a family in a healthy setting is something that would be extremely traumatic and difficult for you. The vast majority of people on this planet and throughout history never felt in the least bit oppressed by the commitments required when one has a child. In fact, having a husband, and raising the children they’ve produced together is considered the highest aspiration. We take jobs, commit to mortgages, choose nice schools all based on this concept. Most human societies in all cultures in the World work around this concept.

      But this isn’t for everyone. And you might belong to this category.

      By the romantic way you describe the act of procreation, for you it might have involved lots of booze, dim lights, a car park and a man you met only 30 minutes ago, and realising a few weeks later that a seed implanted itself.

    • forthelost says:

      She was eight months old. And yeah, if you dont want to be tied to someone for eighteen years you shouldn’t reproduce with them.

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