The Real Abuser is the Parenal Kidnapper

“The underground would be a horrible life for both of us. I would have to cut all ties with my family as if they were dead, live off other people because I would constantly be on the run, and probably get caught and go to prison. I would have to change schools all the time and be looking over my shoulder. This would be subjecting XXX to more trauma on top of the trauma she was already going through. Her father would look for me to the ends of the earth. The F.B.I. would be on our heels.”  — Protective Parent

The above was written by a protective parent. What I personally can’t believe is that you have these underground moms like Dorothy Barnett and Eileen Clark (Eileen Van Sant-Clark) claiming to be victimized by the legal system when both of them knew the consequences of being caught. They are also both in serious denial over the emotional trauma or emotional abuse they personally inflicted on their children over the family abduction as the “abuser” in theses cases.

The Protective Parent Groups, the Domestic Violence Community and Underground Moms are so quick to attach the un-adjudicated label of  the “abuser” on the left-behind victim parent or father in these cases, but in the end, the real “abuser” is the underground mom.

In the war of words or rhetoric used in these cases, we have concluded over the years that one of the most serious forms of family violence is a Family Abduction. In these cases, the real abuser is the parental kidnapper. Another serious form of family violence is parental alienation. In these cases, the real abuser is the parental alienator.

So are Dorothy Lee Barnett / Alexandra Geldenhuys and Eileen Van Sant-Clark the real abusers in these cases — you bet!

Happy New Year!

The Editor


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