The Holidays – The Searching Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Merry Christmas

As we approach Christmas Day, searching parents will tell you you that this is the worst day of the year for any searching parent. Christmas morning is suppose to be a time parents share with their children — there is nothing more memorable than seeing the excitement in your children’s eyes as they open their presents. But for searching parents and their families, Christmas Day is the day everyone is reminded of who is missing and which presents go unopened.

For any Dorothy Lee Barnett Supporter that feels sorry for her to spend this Christmas Day incarcerated in a jail cell, think of the 18 Years of Christmas Days her former spouse spent at his home in Charleston, South Carolina trying to keep the hope alive that someday he would get to be a father to his only daughter Savanna again. For each Christmas, every searching parents has one wish, to find his or her child.

One thing about family abductions that makes this crime so cruel is that in the majority of cases, the parental kidnapper’s family members know the location or at the very least, know the person that does know. In the Dorothy Lee Barnett Case, it would not surprise me to find out that the relatives knew the general whereabouts of Dorothy. They probably knew she had remarried. They knew if they had to contact her, who they could contact. For any searching parent’s perspective, that is so cruel. These relatives had 18 years to come forward, but they did not. I would also imagine that during those 18 years, some of these relatives were questioned by law enforcement and could have revealed some information, but they did not.

For recovering parents, these are the times when families are most grateful that they are fortunate enough to have been reunified with their children. As members of the Family Abduction Community, they will never forget those Christmas Days as Searching Parents.

On behalf of the editorial team at The Children of the Underground Watch, we would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Our prayers are with the Searching Parents and hope that they too will be reunified with their Children in the New Year. For those adult children that have not yet reunified with their left-behind parent, our hope is that they will find the courage and strength to do so on Christmas Day or in the New Year.

The Editor

The Children of the Underground Watch


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