Another International Parental Kidnapping Case in Mt. Creek, Queensland

This is a 60 Minutes Interview on a high-profile profile International Parental Kidnapping Case between an Italian Father and an Australian Mother. In this case, the mother having joint custody of her children in Italy, disregarded the court order, requested passports from the Australian Embassy and fled Italy with her children to Mountain Creek, Australia. She told the father she was leaving on a one month Holiday/Vacation.

This is a very sad story of a custody dispute that sounds like so many others in Family Abduction Cases. This video shows the horrible nature of custody disputes, misrepresentations or lies, false allegations, parental alienation, venue, the role of meddling family members and parental kidnapping as a parents worst nightmare.

The children are now living with their custodial father in Italy.

Editor’s Note: In researching this case, we noticed that the Australian Online Media does not show the photos of children and does not disclose the names of the divorcing parents. In America and probably the rest of the World, that’s rarely the case, although it should be. We are not sure what laws exist in Australia that protect the identity of these children and their parents in custody cases, but we applaud those in Australia that are responsible for these laws. Unfortunately, 60 Minutes in the Television Interview does not cover up the faces of these children in their story. That being said, I can’t help but post this photo of the children with their father in a September 2013 Daily Telegraph story. After this huge ordeal, the children look very happy in this photo. That’s the way it should be too.

National Parents Organization
The Daily Telegraph


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