The Parental Kidnapper’s Families – Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Mother in Belize

Dorothy Barnett, Belize, Grandmother

Belize Ambergris Caye

As Parental Kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett sits in an Australian jail cell, the Barnett Family Members are starting to tell their stories or to try and help Dorothy Barnett setup her legal defense. Here’s what was recently revealed:

  • Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Mother – At 83 years old, Dorothy Barnett (same name as her daughter) came forward in an interview with an unnamed reporter for the San Pedro Sun, a newspaper in a small island off the coast of Belize. Barnett’s Mother states that Dorothy was “presumed missing by her family members”. This is common in Family Abduction cases, the family members take the position that they didn’t know the whereabouts, but third party research indicates that in 75 percent of the cases, the Family Members know. The elder Barnett represents that she did not know where her daughter was or if she was safe. I have to ask, what kind of mother, from her 60s has a daughter who she claims is missing for 20 years yet doesn’t make any attempt to locate her?
  • Faye Yager, Children of the Underground – The 83 year old Dorothy Barnett tells the San Pedro Sun that her daughter made it out of the United States with a fake passport with the help Faye Yager and the Children of the Underground. Perhaps she is trying to assign responsibility of creating the fake passport to Faye Yager?
  • South Africa – Dorothy Barnett (the grandmother) states that she knew her daughter went to South Africa. So I wonder where Dorothy Barnett received this information? From another relative?
  • Wealthy South African Businessman – She claims the last person to see her daughter is a wealthy South African Businessman. Is that Juan Geldenhuys? Does anyone know what Juan Geldenhuys did? There was another Underground Mom in South Africa that was later arrested for nuclear device smuggling. We’ve heard of other underground moms that are alleged to have engaged in money laundering. If anyone knows what Juan Geldenhuys profession was, this would be interesting information. I wonder why Adam Shand of the Australian left his information out.
  • Jeff Hunter QC – This is Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Barrister or Attorney in Australia.
  • Ambergris Caye / Placencia – For those of us that have followed these underground cases, these underground moms have certainly lived in some of the top scenic destinations in the World. Froom Ambergris Caye / Placencia which is a very small island off the coast of Belize (below Mexico in Central America), to South Africa, to Charleston, South Carolina to Mountain Creek (near Mooloolaba) Australia.

After reading Dorothy Barnett Senior’s interview from Belize and seeing her photo, it sounds like co-parenting or joint custody was never in Dorothy Lee Barnett’s DNA. As the Barnett family begins their defense in the media for Dorothy Lee Barnett, I would really like to see some form of de-escalation or mediation by the Barnett Family in the best interests of the victim adult child. It appears the Barnett family wants the adult child to pick sides, and in my opinion, they are now further engaging in “parental alienation” of this young adult.

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San Pedro Sun Dorothy Lee Barnett US National with Belizean Connection


2 Responses to The Parental Kidnapper’s Families – Dorothy Lee Barnett’s Mother in Belize

  1. Mary says:

    There must be something about Mountain Creek. The locality is again front page with now another woman finding herself cornered at the Creek, after taking it upon herself not to follow due process in the child custody arrangements of another country.

    It is a given that this woman’s family will now trot out the “abuse” stories, and attempt to further alienate this now adult child from her father. However, they will probably need to save all of that for an American audience. You might find that the Australian media and the Australian public may not be easily convinced, seeing that they have been exposed to two years of the same formula from the other Mountain Creek woman and her family who attempted every trick in the book.

    Reality is: dad was awarded custody; non-custodial mum bolted child in tow; mum located 20 years later; mum on remand awaiting extradition hearing.

    I sincerely hope that dad is reunited with his daughter.

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