The Holidays for Searching Parents, Parental Kidnappers & their Families


In Parental Kidnapping or Family Abduction Cases the Holidays are usually the worst time of the year for Searching Parents. This is the time that families come together to celebrate the Holidays and for the Searching Parent and his or her families, there is usually one topic that always seems to ruin the holidays — when will my child be found? When will I see my child again? When will I be able to have a conversation with my child again?

After the arrest of the Parental Kidnapper and the recovery of a child, there is usually very little disclosed about the living conditions of the parental kidnapper and child while in hiding. What we do know is that these parental kidnappers are told before they go underground that they must cut off all contact with their families. They cannot contact them ever again, even during the holidays. They must live without financial assistance from their friends and families. They may have to live without medical care for themselves and their child. They may go to prison, if caught.

On this Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. For Searching Parents and their Families, my thoughts and are prayers in your search for your child(ren). For those Recovering Parents and their Families, I am sure that you are thankful for having your child(ren) with you for the Holidays. For those Parents awaiting a Reunification with their child(ren), my thoughts and prayers are with you too as you await one of the most significant days in your life as a parent and victim of this horrible crime.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays to All!


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