Searching Parents Have Little Influence with the FBI in Family Abduction Cases

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The Australian is reporting that the daughter of arrested parental kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett is reluctant to meet with the father “while he is backing legal action against the mother”. As most Searching and Recovering Parents know in Family Abduction Cases, the parents don’t tell the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation or “FBI” how to do their job, the FBI Agent or prosecuting U.S. Attorney tells you what they are doing.  It’s a little naive for anyone to think that the father could have any influence or control in the prosecution and extradition of Dorothy Lee Barnett. He and Savanna are victims or witnesses in this case only.  Passport Forgery is taken very seriously in the United States in this Post-911 era and I would imagine that the U.S. Justice Department provides very little leniency to those that commit this crime.
If anything, I personally think that the reunification of the now adult-child and her biological father would do more to de-escalate this situation and help her arrested mother get leniency than anything else she could do. By continuing with the position that she fled because she didn’t trust the U.S. Court System to protect herself and her child is absurd. That defense against a parental kidnapping and any proclaimed defense against Passport Forger is a sure loser as we have seen other precedent cases.
Here’s the quote from the Australian.
“Ms Todd, a first-year nursing student at Townsville’s James Cook University, intends to write to her father to explain her reluctance to meet him while he is backing legal action to separate her from her mother.”
As many of us in the Missing Children’s Community, we would sincerely hope that the child in this case reconsiders the reunification with her biological father. It is so cruel for any adult-child to take this position against a caring parent. We’ve seen in so many of these cases where the abducting parent engages in “parental alienation” against the left-behind victim parent. A these stories unfold, what about It’s so sad the father was victimized for the last 19 years of not knowing where his daughter was and now by his adult-child daughter. That’s makes us very sad.
The Editor

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