Have You Seen This Child in South Africa?

Zck Kirsh, Marisa Kirsh

This child Zackary Kirsh was kidnapped on June 1, 1996 from York, South Carolina, USA. Zackary’s non-custodial mother Marisa Kirsh (Marisa Ann Sketo-Kirsh) was last seen in South Africa. She was arrested in October 2007 and charged with smuggling components needed to construct nuclear devices. After her arrest, there was no sighting of Zackary. Today, Zackary Lamar Kirsh would be 21 years old.

It is possible Dorthy Lee Barnett may have known this child while she was in South Africa.

For more information about his case, see: this Missing Children’s Non-Profit Organization site: www.ForTheLost.Org There was PBS Frontline Television Show in 2005 featuring this story: “Nuclear Underground“.

Please contact the York County Sheriff’s Office at 800-346-3243 if you have any information.

‘Nuke Mom” Charged with Smuggling (Fox News 2008)


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