Faye Yager Gives Quote to The Australian Newspaper

Faye Yager, who has claimed for a number of years that she was “retired” and no longer helps underground mothers has given a quote toFaye Yager the Australian Newspaper. In that article, she claimed to have helped 7,000 women escape spouses. As most of us in the Missing Children’s community that have followed Faye Yager cases, the number of women that she has helped is grossly exaggerated. The numbers are far less, probably only in the hundreds. We have not yet found any cases that Yager has admitted to assisting where there was conclusive evidence that the mother or her child’s life were in jeopardy. In the Yager cases that we have tracked, it is Faye Yager and members of her group that help the mother or parental kidnapper to construct false allegations against the left-behind parent.

There has also been unconfirmed rumors in the Missing Children’s Community that Yager had revealed the location of an underground mother in exchange for a million dollars in reward money. This information is contained in a confidential and sealed settlement agreement that is rumored to exist. There are also sources that believe that Faye Yager had agreed as part of that settlement to get out of the business of hiding children and supporting this cause.

There is no direct evidence that Faye Yager assisted Dorothy Barnett and Yager is known to take responsibility for cases despite no involvement in them. However, the father in his search for his child appeared on several Television Shows where Faye Yager took credit for assisting. Dorothy Barnett’s story also appeared in a Newspaper article where the reporter and the photographer featured Faye Yager Cases. The photographer in that story, Allan Detrich actually photographed underground moms as they went into hiding in that controversial story. It was thought by many in the missing children’s community that Detrich and his were were also supporters of the underground. It was thought that Detrich was trying to win a Pulitzer for these photos. In March 2007, it was discovered that Detrich digitally altered 79 photos for the Toledo Blade Newspaper during 2007 and he was fired from his job.


3 Responses to Faye Yager Gives Quote to The Australian Newspaper

  1. Southern Belle says:

    Read this carefully also look up AMANDA OTTER, surely she’s never seen THIS ARTICLE AND A 2 -3 yr old REMEMBERING WHAT SHE SAYS she remember, more like what THEY WILL TELL HER FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

    Different case, Watts mother accused Faye Yager of telling lies and being mentally abusive.

    Faye Yager said that the reason Dorothy “straddled him” more like tried to “STRANGLE HIM” is bc she wanted sex and Harris wouldn’t give it to her bc he’s a HOMOSEXUAL, WTF? HOW DO THEY HAVE A CHILD THEN, SATANIC PANIC BELIEVING FAYE YAGER.



    Also I’d be looking in SC for her not NC, she’s around here somewhere to watch the whole TODD BARNETT trial unfold, garantee it. Charleston,SC was already a home to her at some point, fyi that’s basically what Isle of Palms is an incorporation of Charleston and Mt. Pleasant,SC .
    -South Carolinian college student and SC Native

  2. Nancy Good says:

    My daughter and I were the second family to go under ground with the help of Faye Yager in 1985. I had plenty of evidence that included doctors exams, social workers professional assessments of ritual and sexual abuse of my daughter. You don’t know what you are talking about when you say there was no evidence so stop deceiving people with your ignorance. Faye absolutely demanded documented proof from me before she would help us. SHE SAVED MY DAUGHTERS LIFE SO STOP WITH THE FAYE YAGER BASHING.

    • underwatch says:


      Your case occurred over 30 years ago when our child protective services infrastructure was just over a decade old. It was before the McMartin Preschool era where there was wrongfully some hysteria about child abuse in that daycare center.

      I have a question for you if you feel comfortable answering. What is ritual abuse? I have read about Faye Yager being one of the experts in this area.

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