Poster Child – Media or No Media

The question or challenge I have for Samantha or Savanna is will she become the next poster child?

Does she have to support publicly support her mother and alleged parental kidnapper Dorothy Lee Barnett or can she remain neutral and start a relationship immediately with her biological father?

It is unfortunate if her mother Dorothy Lee Barnett were to put this type of pressure on her 20 year old young adult. We’ve seen most of these Underground cases where the arrested parental kidnapper will try and use her child and the media to exploit her cause. These attention seeking parental kidnappers would not hesitate to try their case in the media without protecting the current and future reputation of their young adult child. There are additional special interest groups that will attach themselves to cases like this to promote their case. We’ve also seen the arrested parent enlarge their story to try and avoid the parental kidnapping charges. Unfortunately, for many young adults we’ve seen in the past, as they are pressured by the perceived opportunity for notoriety and media attention — the media eventually goes away and being a victim of this crime isn’t something to be famous for. This is also a story that Movie Producers or Book Publishing Houses are not much interested in – it’s a story that has been already told. 

What we’ve also seen is most of these “poster children” eventually want their privacy. Some change their names and no longer want anything to do with anything related to child custody, divorce or a related cause.

We would really like to see Samantha / Savanna step us a young adult and do the right thing.


2 Responses to Poster Child – Media or No Media

  1. The Fan says:

    If the daughter want to see her Dad, then what a Merry Christmas it will be for him! I cannot imagine having to keep up hope for 20 years that one day you’ll see your child. Mom got all the joy and happiness in seeing her daughter grow up while Dad got zilch. I’m sure the daughter was well-raised but it must be unsettling to know the truth after all these years.

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