Bail or No Bail for Dorothy Barnett

After 20 years of evading U.S. Authorities including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Dorothy Lee Barnett, the underground mom’s Bail Hearing Dorothy Lee Barnettcontinues on Thursday in Australia. In 1993, Dorothy ignored a Custody Order giving the father of her now 20 year old child, custody. The father has not seen or spoken to his daughter since.

It is alleged that Dorothy Lee Barnett received assistance from the Children of the Underground Group in Atlanta, Georgia. Although her parents and family members in Seattle, Washington and Florida will take the position that they did not assist Barnett while she lived underground.

We have seen a copy of the Protective Parent Underground Book that was written in the ’90s by H. Joan Pennington and Laurie Woods. The book advises protective parent mothers to seek different forums for their custody case. In following these cases over the years, it would not surprise us to hear that if Dorothy Barnett didn’t trust the Australian Court System with her probable extradition to the United States, she might flee that venue to New Zealand or some other country.

The problem with these cases is that these underground moms like Dorothy Barnett don’t believe in any criminal justice system. They are not interested in following the rules that the rest of the society does. And after hiding successfully from authorities for 20 years, why all of a sudden is she to be trusted. Would you trust Dorothy Barnett with your $100,000 if she deeds you her house? Would you trust her with your $1 Million dollars? What about $10 Million?

We would like to see Dorothy Barnett stand trial in the United States of America for parental kidnapping just like we would like to see any Australian parent who kidnaps their child to the USA rightfully extradited to Australia.


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