How Emotionally Abusive Is Changing A Child’s Name.

For a parent that has raised a toddler or a 2 year old child, I personally cannot begin to conceptualize how cruel it would be to change an innocent child’s name. During a child’s early years, I recollect saying the child’s name literally hundreds of times per year. But as Underground Mom like Dorothy Lee Barnett, what type of training did she receive on doing this? Did Faye Yager give her training on how to do this? Could Dorothy’s current supporters explain to me how she did it? When I look on one of my friend’s Facebook pages and see the young parent posting a picture of their 2 year old child, I can’t believe any so called parent would not believe they are causing irreparable psychological harm to the child by doing this.

I would like to hear Dorothy Barnett explain how she did this. This sure sounds like a horrible form of child abuse to me!


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