Why Wouldn’t LIberty Support Eileen Clark’s Extration to the USA?


We recently received a comment on one of our blog posts from a Liberty / Eileen Clark Supporter in the UK. On Liberty’s website they state:

“You might not think about human rights every day, but life would be very different without them.

They mean you cannot be tortured, enslaved, or punished without trial. You can speak freely, protest peacefully and believe what you like. You have the right to a family, to privacy, to an education. You have a right to life.

We take our basic freedoms for granted but they exist today only because people have been prepared to defend them.”

In following the Eileen Clark Extradition Case, we simply don’t understand why an organization like Liberty would support Eileen Clark, a parental kidnapper. The searching parent in this case has been “punished without trial” and his “right to a family” was clearly violated by Eileen Clark. We see that Liberty promotes those individual rights on their website but have found a reason to ignore them in Eileen Clark’s situation.

Liberty should be the first organization the UK to ensure Eileen Clark is extradited to the United States. They should righteously defend the rights of searching parents in parental kidnapping or family abduction cases.


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