The Parental Kidnapping Case of Barbara Vigil – What Not to Do

On or about April 15, 2001, custodial-embattled mother Barbara Vigil fled Colorado underground to Costa Rica with her daughter. Barbara Vigil was arrested in Costa Rica and brought back to Colorado for prosecution. She was charged in federal court with forging a United States Passport for herself and her daughter. In February 2003, the Federal Court sentenced her to twelve months and one day in prison.

Barbara Vigil, Kidnapper, Colorado, Costa Rica

Barbara Vigil – Parental Kidnapper from Colorado

Following her conviction in Federal Court, Barbara Vigil was convicted in state court of forgery of a government document, two counts and a single count of criminal impersonation. The sentence was 5 years probation. She was represented by the infamous Underground Attorney, Alan Rosenfeld of Louisvile, Colorado.

In 2006, the recovering parent sued Barbara Vigil and her father and mother as third party conspirators in a Civil Trial. Despite the warnings of the judge, Barbara and her parents were represented by Underground Attorney Alan Rosenfed. During the trial, Rosenfeld as many of us who follow these underground cases known, engaged in questionable courtroom conduct.

Alan Rosenfeld, Underground Attorney

Alan Rosenfeld, Underground Attorney

The Colorado Civil Jury returned a verdict for the recovering parent against Barbara Vigil, her mother Betty Vigil and another party. There was a finding of civil civil conspiracy with a final judgement rendering all defendants jointly and severally responsible for the entire judgement in the amount of $599,032.16.

After the verdict, in November 2007 disciplinary action was taken by the Supreme Court of Colorado against Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld in the case People v. Rosenfeld No. O6PDJ094. Alan Rosenfeld was suspended for 6 months.

Editors Note: For many of us that follow the Underground Cases and the resulting Criminal Prosecution of those cases, we were shocked to hear of an abduction case in Colorado, home state to underground attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld. Attorney Rosenfeld is active speaking at Domestic Violence and Protective Parent Conferences. There are many of us who believe that these conference, some funded by federal and non-profit dollars, are used to recruit custodial-embattled mothers into violating custody orders and kidnapping their children. Once the mother gets arrested, then the team of “protective parent attorneys” will represent the mothers. In State Court, the protective parent attorney will apply to represent the now indigent mothers who exhausted their money while underground in countries like Costa Rica. The public defender’s office will end up paying for a trial with county funds.

However, in these Post-911 Trials, Federal Prosecuting Attorneys and State Attorneys will find it easier to prosecute the U.S. Passport and Government Document Forgery Charges, and this accelerates the adjudication process and saves the taxpayers money. That also lessens importance and use of the so called “Necessity Defense”, used by Underground Moms.

Family Court in America

2 Responses to The Parental Kidnapping Case of Barbara Vigil – What Not to Do

  1. Violated says:

    I have experience with this particularly challenged individual. He comes to cases under the assumption that there is abuse without a single solitary shred of evidence. He his a horribly bad attorney never following the court procedures and basing his entire cases on “what if this was true”. He lies about experience and fees. I don’t understand why the government doesn’t take a more active role in monitoring attorneys and removing the bad ones.

  2. Madam Nomad says:

    Why do ….their own children? Rosenfeld is an ass, but you people are monsters.

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