Virginia Pastor Sentenced 27 Months for Aiding Parental Kidnapping

Virginia Pastor Kenneth L. Miller was sentenced to 27 months in prison for abetting the international parental kidnapping of a girl in a high-profile case involving a same sex-union.

Kennth L Miller, Aiding Parental Kidnapping

Kenneth L Miller, a Viginia Pastor.

Kenneth Miller was convicted last fall for helping arrange a convert flight to Nicaragua for Lisa A. Miller with her daughter in 2009. Lisa Miller was not related to Mr. Miller. In 2009, a family court judge threatened to transfer primary custody to Lisa Miller’s former partner, Ms. Jenkins. Mr. Miller had arranged for Lisa Miller and her daughter to fly to Nicaragua and live there with missionaries.

During the trial, other co-conspirators were implicated but they were not charged.


NY Times (March 4, 2013)


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