When it Comes to Extradition – Eileen Clark is Finally Exhausting Her Legal Remedies

Parental Kidnapper Eileen Clark fled the U.S. Justice System and Family Courts when it came to deciding rightful custody of her children in the United States. Before she fled New Mexico for California then Europe, she hardly exhausted her legal remedies by participating in the Family Court Legal System or a Court Ordered Evaluation. Instead, she just left. And now when it is convenient for her, just like other narcissistic parental kidnappers evading extradition, she and her attorneys believe that she is entitled to every single possible civil personal and legal right to keep her from her eventual extradition. Like other Parental Kidnappers, all of a sudden she has figured out every possible angle for exhausting her legal remedies to avoid extradition. 15 years ago, had she did what she is doing now, she may not have put this family unit and her own children through this horrible ordeal.

Well Eileen, you can’t have it both ways. We simply don’t see why U.S. Department of Justice can’t work with the UK Authorities, take Eileen Clark into custody and escort her back to the United States for prosecution. As we have seen in past cases, Eileen Clark and her supporters simply should not be trusted.


5 Responses to When it Comes to Extradition – Eileen Clark is Finally Exhausting Her Legal Remedies

  1. Sahel says:

    John please write me I have the similiar case and I need your help.
    my email address is sahel987@yahoo.com. it is SAHEL and 987 but all in small case.

  2. Sahel says:

    Please John do not give up on your rights. Bring her to justice otherwise everyone will do the same.

  3. Marsha Christoffel says:

    Would they please just get it over with and extradit her to the US. Been watching this story for two years and for the life of me, can’t understand why she isn’t in jail. Her children and exhusband are the victims. Also, wish this woman would come clean with what she really did to her children. Shame on her for keeping her children from their father. It truly is unbelievable. Her children will hopefully have more conversations with their father.

    • underwatch says:


      I agree with you. The judicial and legal authorities in the UK are devaluing the parental rights of this father. Their process simply works too slow. What I don’t understand is that Family Abduction could be considered one of the most severe form of Domestic Violence or Family Violence. These proclaimed Protective Parent Groups never question the motives of the parental kidnapper. It’s clear that Eileen Clark simply didn’t want to share these children with their father during the custody dispute. Her motive appears to be anger and revenge and not to protect them. However, more appalling is her recent behavior like most parental alienators. Only in rare circumstances do they admit their guilt and show remorse for their crime by apologizing to the victim parent, victim children and his family members. It going to take a judge an jury to give this family unit some closure to the case.

      Of course, if these adult children had the capacity to understand the facts and circumstances of the parental kidnapping, they could also put pressure on Eileen Clark to do the right thing. We’ve also seen cases where an adult child or adult survivor of a parental kidnapping, wakes up one morning and realizes what the parental kidnapper did to them. They cut off all contact with the parental kidnapper and reunify with the left-behind parent.

      Thanks for your comments.

      The Editor

  4. She deserves to be in prison for her abduction. John is a good, honest man and it shows in his interactions then and now with his children. She needs to be locked up and hopefully in prison, she may wake up.

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