International Family Abduction Community Following Eileen Clark Parental Kidnapping Case


Fifteen years ago, Eileen Clark, an American Citizen kidnapped her three children in a Family Abduction from New Mexico, USA to the United Kingdom. Eileen Clark was arrested in July 2010, in Oxford, UK. For the past 19 months, her team of lawyers have used the legal system to fight extradition back to the United States to face Parental Kidnapping charges in the USA. 

 Her final arguments argued in the UK High Court: 

  • that it would be unlawful and “oppressive” to extradite her because of her worsening psychiatric problems and fear of flying
  • the US authorities were at fault for not seeking her return earlier as she had been living “openly” in the UK since December 1998 and had put down “deep roots”. 

We understand that Lord Justice Burnton refused to certify that her case raised issues of general public importance (we’ve seen that argument in other cases). The refusal effectively blocks the former aerobics trainer and model from taking her case to the UK Supreme Court. The High Court said it accepted that Mrs Clark would suffer hardship, but it could not be characterized as oppressive. 

We are not surprised to hear that Ms. Clark and her team of Underground or Protective Parent Attorneys are trying to setup a special charter flight (why does she need a charter flight?). For the proclaimed indigent, manipulative and narcissistic underground mothers, we have seen requests like this in other cases. We don’t see any reason why Ms. Clark shouldn’t fly Coach — Ms. Clark obviously feels that the rules that apply to the rest of society, don’t apply to her. 

The Family Abduction Community that includes searching and recovering victim parents is closely following the Eileen Clark International Parental Kidnapping Case. Ms. Clark effectively played Judge, Jury and Executioner (a Faye Yager term) and solely decided the Custody Agreement of her Children. The children are now adults over 18 years of age. There is sadly no law mandating they reunify with their father.

The Extradition from the UK, a conviction for parental kidnapping with a long prison sentence and restitution for the left-behind victim parent would send a strong message to the Protective Parent Community including the Protective Parent Lawyers that parental kidnapping is not an reasonable alternative to a custody agreement. In this age where the U.S. Family Courts prefer co-parenting for the best interests of the child, that would certainly be the step moving forward.  

24 Responses to International Family Abduction Community Following Eileen Clark Parental Kidnapping Case

  1. Marsha Christoffel says:

    Find this case appauling. This women robbed her children of their father for how many years. She never appologized for her action and did everything she could to make him look bad. My only hesitation is the children become victims again. Shame on you Elaine for robbing these children of their father. Why? Because you are selfish.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Marsha,

      We agree with you. The kidnapper never apologizescor shows remorse. She married her children’s dad, had three children and got up one morning and decided to write the dad out of these kids lives. She is caught 15 years later and is claiming she has a fear of flying. This excuse doesn’t sound genuine and it shows a lack of respect for both the UK and US legal systems.

      The Editor

  2. Kim says:

    Dearest Editor:
    Thank you for keeping this story about my brother’s long and often frustrating struggle to find his family and make sure that this type of situation does not happen to others. My brother John has been accused of some awful things and to his credit he has held steadfast in the fact that he is being falsely accused. It is very difficult living with someone that suffers from paranoia and does not tell the truth. What totally blows me away is the fact that Eileen’s attorneys are using her mental health as a factor to not come back to the US. Is that not paradoxical? Her mental health has alwaybeen part of the issue. Unbelievable that her own attorneys are admitting it. Finally.Thanks for updating and keeping this alive for support of the injustice done.
    Kim Clark Esposito
    sister of John Clark

    • Celeste says:

      Has Mr Clark heard from Rebekah yet?

      • underwatch says:

        Hi Celeste,

        To our knowledge, Rebekah has not yet been reunified with her father. The Family Abduction Victim Parent Community would like to see this reunification. To hear that Eileen Clark is not encouraging the relationship of her child and the child’s father is very, very sad.

        The Editor

      • Kim says:

        Hi Celeste:
        My brother received one letter from Rebekah and since that time has not heard rom her. When we were visiting the Dr. phill Show two years ago, the daughter of a similar situation expressed to us the importanc eof patience and time. That is what we hope and pray for.
        Thank you for asking,

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comments. We too find it mystifying that Eileen Clark and her attorneys are using her mental health as an excuse not to return to the United States, as if they are setting up an Insanity Defense. On the other hand they wants us to believe she has had the mental capacity for the past 15 years ago to raise John’s children, your niece and nephews as the self-appointed protective mother of the past two decades. In the previous cases we have seen, the psychological evaluations of the parental kidnaper reveal your exact observations. We like hearing a family member’s perpective of this family abduction or parental kidnapping case rather than the rhetoric of her attorneys.

      The Editor

      • Kim says:

        Dearest Editor:
        Thank you for your reply and your posting of all the updates for this case regarding my brother and former sister in law. It is so helpful to know that there are actually people out there that actually want justice and truth to prevail and are willing to support that. It is so hard trying to fight a false negative and I know it is important that my brothers case has a voice. Thank you.

  3. Celeste says:

    Hi Kim,

    I hope that Rebekah will reunite with her dad. I understand that she doesn’t remember him but I think given time she’ll come around.
    Thank you for keeping us updated with what’s happening.


  4. Celeste says:

    I’m sure she really thought about her areophobia before she took the kids and ran? Of course that has got to be the most lame excuses I ever heard in my life. 😛

  5. Kerri Weir says:

    Does anyone know if there has been any progress or update on this?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Kerri,

      I have not heard any update. I simply don’t understand why it would take the UK Government and their Courts so long to extradite Eileen Clark back to the United States. It’s insulting to those of us in the International Family Abduction Community. There are so many recent International Cases from Brazil to Cuba which appear to be much more efficient that those handling the Eileen Clark Case. You can’t have custodial-embattled parents kidnapping their children to London. The venue for this case for Eileen Clark is the United States of America and not the UK. What’s to prevent Eileen Clark from boarding the train to another country in Europe? She’s done it once before, why wouldn’t she do it again?

      The Editor

  6. Moshe says:


    Has there been any progress in her extradition?

    Where does the case stand now?

    • underwatch says:


      We don’t understand why Eileen Clark has not been extradited yet. We are not impressed with the UK Governments child protection laws and respect for the plight of the families of parentally kidnapped children. If a UK parent kidnapped his or her child to the U.S., you would expect the State Dept., NCMEC, law enforcement and the Courts to move the extradition along faster. Let’s hope that the UK does the right thing soon.

      • Susan Williams says:

        Eileen Clark robbed the father of three kids their childhood. It affected their Aunts/Uncles and Grandparents. She stole a huge part of their life and deserves to face the ramifications. She flew their with them, she can jolly well fly back to face the music.
        Susan Williams

  7. Kim Esposito says:

    Susan, Could not have said it better myself. Thanks for posting this!

  8. Neha says:


    • Celeste says:

      Commenting on another case that you know nothing about Neha? That “poor” woman robbed her ex-husband of 16 years of Christmases and birthdays with his children.
      She should have thought about her aerophobia BEFORE she left with the kids not after.

      • Kim Esposito says:

        My former sister in law Eileen Clark was extradited back to the US on July 3rd. She will begin the process of facing charges against her for parental interference. It has been a long time for everyone involved. It has been a difiicult time. Her actions have impacted 20 years of peoples lives that will never be able to be gotten back. Hopefully some healing for my brother and his kids can begin. Our judicial sytem never gavve up and my family is so grateful for that.

  9. Sue says:

    I’m so happy to hear that Eileen has finally been extradited. No one has the right to just arbitrarily remove a child and she should face harsh penalties for her actions. What a vicious and vindictive person she must be. Her husband is much better off without her, but she has forever negatively impacted the lives of the children. For that she should face life in prison.

  10. Mary says:

    I am watching a rerun of the Dr. Phil show and I’m so glad to have found this update. Eileen Clark’s decisions have been tragic for her former husband and their children. As a grandmother, I can’t imagine having my grandbabies ripped from my life, wondering where they were, what had happened, and if they were safe — not to mention the years of nurturing that they lost by being alienated from their loving family. Then to discover that they have been fed false information about their father, putting such a burden on their little hearts that may never be eradicated.

    As Dr. Phil said, there are situations where a mother (or father) has sought protection and the system failed them, and they make the decision to flee for their safety. But that is NOT the case, here. Even though she reportedly has attorneys in her family, she sought no legal remedy if she had issues with her marriage.

    I will look further for updates, and I hope this ‘mother’ is held accountable for abusing her children in this horrible way.

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