Why the New Mexico District Attorney Must Extradite and Prosecute Eileen Clark

It wouldn’t surprise us if the Underground and Protective Parent Groups are pressuring the New Mexico District Attorney not extradite Eileen Clark.  We hope that this District Attorney stands up for the rights of left-behind victim parents like John Clark. Mr. Clark and his adult children were victimized for the last 15 years and are still being victimized by one person, Eileen Clark who played Judge, Jury and Executioner in this case. In our opinion,  the only way to ensure that these adult children will reunify with their father is to prosecute Eileen Clark. Ms. Clark must take responsibility for her actions, be brought before the court to apologize and take responsibility for her actions. If he doesn’t then like the Holly Ann Collins Case, we’ll be hearing from Eileen Clark, that running from the New Mexico Family Court System is the best thing she’s ever done. She would advise other mothers in the same perceived situation to join her in the UK. In researching these cases for the past 20+ years, we do not know of a single case that we’ve followed where the abducting parent exhausted her legal options or had a reasonable belief that her children or herself were in danger. What Eileen Clark and the other underground mom did was to kidnap their children rather than let the Family Law Courts determine Custody of her Children. If the New Mexico District Attorney does not believe in the Family Law Courts and does not oppose Family Abductions/Parenting Kidnapping, then that truly sends the most outrageous message to custodial embattled parents like Eileen Clark — many whose cases are currently in the New Mexico Family Court System. It’s time to see if this New Mexico District Attorney will Attorney-Up in this case and start by extraditing Eileen Clark.


13 Responses to Why the New Mexico District Attorney Must Extradite and Prosecute Eileen Clark

  1. Celeste says:

    How could the grandparents of these children not have known where Eileen and the three kids were?
    This woman stole 15 years of this man’s life from him.

    • underwatch says:


      I would assume that you mean Eileen Clark’s parents. I recollect hearing a statistic that 75 percent of the time, the family members of the abducting parent do know.

      The Editor

      • Celeste says:

        Exactly. How would she have known to move and keep moving if the maternal grandparents didn’t know where she was?

  2. vbm says:

    I am sure that she had a reason to o Justice system” sucks …I believe that thousands of kids were abused when they were at a small age…my son was 3 1/2 …of course when he got older he could not remember everything….he is 30 yrs. old now and has schizophrenia….noone seems to care now either….our case has never been resolved…my son sees his father now, but thier are many problems and by the way 20 other children were involved in our case…..Our case remains unsolved and now he is 30 yrs. old. I’m just saying……what has she done so wrong? what if Mr. Clark did abuse thier children when they were young–or at least one of them and was afraid that the other children would be abused…..That would really be messed up to send her off to prison….Lot’s of mothers were put off in the past only to deal with thier situation the best way that they could….I am thankful for the underground….I am glad that someone stood up to help all of these people–mostly woman probably?? I do not regret leaving with my son…..I think I had to do that to protect him because the legal system would not do it. They just swept everything under the rug…..I’m just saying…..

    • underwatch says:

      Hi VPM,

      Thanks for commenting on this board. We always like to have former underground mom’s tell us their opinions. Your case was 26+ years ago, that’s around 1984, only 10 years after passage of the 1974 Mondale Act or the Child Abuse Treatment Act that started our Nation’s Child Protection Services “CPS”. When your case or situation wen through the system, our CPS was not yet developed. I am sure our Nation’s CPS workers would strongly disagree with your assumption that because the system did not work for you, then nearly 30 years later it is just as ineffective.

      The Eileen Clark Case, occurred nearly 20 years after your case and certainly had Eileen Clark wanted or elected to use it rather than just fleeing, it would not have victimized these three Adult Children, the father as well as both extended families. The fact of the matter is that parental kidnapping is one of the most horrific forms of child maltreatment. There are so many victims in this case, and the one person that could have prevented this crime and should be held responsible is Eileen Clark.

      It sounds like after 30 years, your son is able to have a relationship with his father. We commend you for supporting that. I understand that at this point, Eileen Clark’s former spouse only relationship with his daughter for that past 15+ years has been one letter. That particular story makes us very sad.

      The Editor

  3. vbm says:

    Thanks for your reply, but I still don’t trust the system. I had counseling records stolen from County facitlites where we had thereapy…This was horrible to go through. And, what about the other 20 children that I had first and last names for -or the man that my son saw get murdered when he was very young…Did he make all of this up? What do you think? I try to do everything I can to help my son and yes, I have spoken to my x husband after many years. I have tried to move on but I can’t forget the pain that it caused my son and horrible years of us not being able to talk about certain things.

    • underwatch says:


      I once heard that when a custodial embattled couple were litigating over custody of their children, as time passed you would know the truth. How did your former spouses’ life turn out? Is it possible you were caught up in the era where a mother that didn’t have sole custody was perceived as a bad mother? If your former spouse was such a bad person, why did you marry him? Why did you have a child with him? Did the professionals tell you your child was not abused and back then, you didn’t want to listen to them. It’s a father’s dream to play football, baseball, basketball with his son. Are you pleased with yourself that you denied him these experiences? Are you sad that your son missed out on this?

      Did you see the Clark Story on Dr. Phil? It appears that the father ended up raising his step children but was robbed of his right to throw the football or kick the soccer with his sons and daughter. Don’t you feel sorry for both he and his children.

      The Editor

      • vbm says:

        This is bullcrap…I refuse to talk with people like you who will never see the real issue—which is the children that are molested or in my son’s case was told that he would be hung by a rope if he told…I don’t have all the answers…Goodbye

      • underwatch says:


        I don’t know how old your son was or who he made the alleged disclosure to as well as their credentials. Your case was many years ago when little was known about interviewing young children. Look up the Sam Stone study where young children made up and enlarged a story about a man that walked in the room and said hi.

        Most of the Underground cases and fleeing around a belief that a parent is protecting their child — in the cases we’ve seen, the belief was not reasonable and the parent did not exhaust their legal remedies before going into hiding.

        We don’t know the facts about your case, but if your former spouse were the person you accused him of, it’s difficult to believe you or someone else wouldn’t have the evidence by now.

        The Editor

      • vbm says:

        Ps–I did see Dr. Phil…..How do you know that the kids were kidnapped when they were very young? Can you prove that Mr. Clark is innocent?

      • underwatch says:

        In response to your question about innocence or guilt in this case. It was determined by the New Mexico and U.S. Justice System that Mr. Clark had custody and that was decided by those “professionals” that have the facts in this case. Eileen has a perfect opportunity to have a forum for proving to the courts, the public, the family abduction community, the DV and protective parent groups and most importantly her children and the families her innocence in this case. The day she fled the New Mexico and U.S. Court Systems, she knew the risk. When her supporters like you try and redirect the focus off Eileen Clark, you are blaming the victim.

        The Editor

  4. 777factor says:

    In response to vbm:
    1. John Clark is NOT on trial; therefore, energy spent on questioning HIS innocence is in vain. To reverse your question: Can YOU PROVE that Eileen Clark is innocent? NO.

    2. A fair US trial will determine whether or not Eileen Clark is innocent, which I am sure she is DREADING. She liked it “HER WAY” better by taking the law into her own hands, and assumed the role of Judge, Jury and Executioner. She made a singular decision, while married, about the children’s future, ripping the choice away from the them and their father, in an illegal manner mind you, and then took off with the innocent children, ages 2, 5 and 7, never to be seen again. It certainly gives the impression that she is now guilty of things greater than her accused crime of International Parental Kidnapping, i.e., Identity fraud, fraudulent passports, illegally entering a foreign country, money laundering, child abuse, just to name a few. It makes it appear as if her risk of being caught in an international crime was less than the risk of not having control over the children any more. And the last thing she wants is for her now adult children to know the absolute truth about her long running farce. Just a few days ago, a mother killed her four children and herself, and for what? Mothers do have the potential to impose harm upon their children, especially when they feel as if they are losing “control” of them.

    3. If your husband took your son with the intention to never let you see your son’s beautiful face EVER AGAIN, I bet you would do a 180 bout-face on your beliefs; In addition, you certainly wouldn’t entertain being falsely accused of abuse on any level without tangible proof, would you?

    4. The “REAL ISSUE” here is that narcissistic parents, who essentially steal their children away from the other parent, cannot fathom that anyone else is more qualified than themselves to raise the children. If the marriage goes south, they possess tunnel-vision when it comes to collaboratively making a good, balanced life for their children with both parents actively involved. Parental Abductors have an “all or nothing” policy. The real abuse here stems from what the mother has inflicted on these now adult children as a result of her ripping them away from their home, their father, their extended family and friends, their pets, their beds and toys, all so that she can have them “all to herself”. The children have had over 15 years of pretending to be someone other than themselves, living like gypsies from place to place, void of all family ties and bonds, and doing God knows what to preserve her fraudulent identity. I would think THAT experience alone would screw-up a child’s mind much more than anything in their entire life! Children should never have to suffer at the hands of a paranoid, controlling parent who thinks the best answer is to isolate their children, change their identify and remove them from their entire world as they know it, all because the abductor DIDN’T GET HER WAY. It is rotten to use the children to support a warped, unproved excuse to flee a marriage. It is time for the “abductors” to cease the repetitive, over-baked and lame excuses and begin to own up to the REAL REASON for taking such horrible, and grossly invasive action against the family unit….which is none other than SELFISHNESS.

    5. John Clark is an incredible man to have persevered in his quest to find his children all these years. It is clear in his story how broken he was as a result of her selfish action. She wanted him to feel the pain. But I bet she never thought in a million years that she would get caught. It is amazing how his faith, hope and love for his children, prevailed against the evil intentions and actions of Eileen Clark. His story is a warning to ALL parents who are entertaining abducting their own children; parents who are victimized, robbed and alienated from their children such as Mr. Clark, will, and should, fight continually for their beloved children every inch of the way, no matter how long it takes. His story should also be a firm notice to the Underground Parental Protective group: “GAME OVER”

  5. Celeste says:


    Mr Clark has had nothing but undying devotion to his children and seeing to it that his ex-wife is appropriately punished for what she’s done. Rebekah has clearly been brainwashed by her mother to believe that her father is a threat to her mother. While it’s true that she doesn’t remember her dad it’s also true that Mr Clark hasn’t given up on his youngest child yet.

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