No Way Out But One – A Story of Parental Alienation

The gender bias film by Garland Waller and her husband Barry Nolan deserves No Documentary Film Awards. It is Anti-Father, Anti-Joint Custody, Anti-Co-Parenting and Anti-Family Court System. This is another move by the Protective Parent Divorce Industry ecosystem to roll back the clock to “maternal custody” and convince narcissistic, custodial embattled mothers that parental kidnapping is a reasonable alternative to co-parenting. In this post-911 era of heightened security, Amber Alerts and the expanded awareness of the harmful emotional effects on children of parental alienation and custodial interference – going Underground with your children is simply not as easy as it was in the ’80s and ’90s. Despite this, the Protective Parent Causes’ latest poster children are Jennifer Collins and Zachary Collins, now adults (shame on them!). Their custodial-embattled mother, Holly Ann Collins is probably the biggest parental alienator of the past several decades and Jennifer and Zachary are sadly the most alienated children of that same period. Since the Mondale Act of 1974, America’s Family Court System and Domestic Violence Programs although not perfect are vastly improved and the mere fact is that Holly Ann Collins could and should have stayed in American in the Court System. Their lives were not in jeopardy, and the remarried father is not the person they depict. He has been wrongly accused and alienated from his children by Holly Ann Collins and her entourage of pathetic Protective Parent Professionals.

A Very Sad Video About Parental Alienation of Jennifer and Zachary

Let’s get serious here, does the Netherlands think they have a better Judicial System than the United States of America? Should custodial embattled mothers fly to the Netherlands rather than adhere to court mandated co-parenting agreements? This premise is degrading to all Family Court Judges and Family Law Professionals in America. Holly Ann Collins plead guilty to violating a court order, her punishment should have been a prison term and restitution like other parental kidnappers.

Here’s our analysis of their above trailer:

Alan Rosenfeld, Louisvile, Colorado, Protective Parent Attorney Alan D. Rosenfeld, Underground Attorney, Protective Parent AttorneyAnalyisis: “Rosenfeld wonders why the courts are so invested in shared custody/vistation?”
– Shelia Brogna, Attorney
“There are laws higher than get handed down by Judges.”Analysis: The Protective Parent Professionals do not appear to support our Judicial System.
“Why didn’t they believe the drawing that the children were giving?”Analysis: The parental kidnapper usually presents drawings from the child, but these drawings are never done with a professional therapist present. 
the New Faye Yager Analysis: Jennifer Collins thinks she’s Faye Yager – She’s out promoting the Protective Parent Cause. Would she assist moms and their children go into a new modern day underground?

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