Caroline Rice, Parental Kidnapper Found Guilty of Three counts of Deprivation of Child Custody


Caroline Rice

The jury found Caroline Rice, 46 guilty of three counts of depriving her former spouse of his parental rights. The couple divorced in 2004 and battled custody for their five children.

In the fall of 2010, she participated in a Teenager Family Abduction of their 13-year old daughter. Her former spouse had legal custody and the teenager allegedly ran away from home in Minnesota and was eventually found living in Canada with Caroline.

Editor’s Note: Minnesota has had a number of protective parent cases from Holly Ann Collins to Sandra Grazzini Rucki. Unfortunately in these cases, the protective moms show no respect for the court system and violate the court’s custody orders.

Even though these protective parents have shown no respect for our Nation’s legal system, many in the end will want to file lawsuits against it. They want someone else to be responsible for their acts of civil disobedience. It’s not surprising to learn that one of Caroline Rice’s college age young adults has filed a lawsuit against the Minnesota legal parties involved in her parents custody case. It’s so sad to see these young adults used as poster children for this cause. I encourage these children to google Sherry Lachman / Sherry Ohrbach. Rather than being a poster child for her mother, Amy Neustein, this adult child took a far better path! (Harvard / Columbia Law)

Chaksa Herald (12-28-2011)


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