Not Even A Lesser Charge of Child Abuse by the Casey Anthony Jury

What I don’t understand is how the jury in the Casey Anthony Trial could not “infer” from the myriad of “circumstantial” or “forensic evidence” presented in the trial is that Casey wasn’t at tge very least guility of child abuse. The only thing I can think of is that the took the literal definition of tge words “intent” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” and penalized the prosecution and judge for sequestering them for such a long time.

They inferred easily that it was an accident but did not have the mental capacity to infer that Casey Anthony at the very least intentionally inflicted harm on her daughter by not knowing her whereabouts for 30 days. She irresonsibilty,lies and low moral character to me is enough circumstantial evidence to infer that she intended to harm her own child – unfortunately, that was not the mindset of this particular jury in Pinnellas County, Florida.

Casey Anthony got off like sone underground moms have in jury trials because a defense attorney was able to mislead the jury — but that still doesn’t mean that she and these underground moms are not child abusers.


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