Parental Kidnapping is Aggravated Child Abuse

If you have been following the Casey Anthony Trial, the crime Aggravated Child Abuse has become headline news. This crime could be a key element to a First Degree Murder Conviction of Casey Anthony. When viewing this trial, Casey Anthony’s affect, narcissism and complete disregard for her young daughter reminds us of the Children of the Underground Mothers. It appears that Tot Mom’s inability to comprehend her legal alternatives as a caregiver for her own child before comitting aggravated child abuse is not much different than the underground moms that parentally kidnap their children. Inasmuch as we hope the jury finds Casey Anthony guilty of all counts — we like the publicity that the crime of Aggravated Child Abuse Crime is receiving by the Anthony Trial. This should lead to a greater awareness of crimes against children such as parental kidnappings or family abductions and hopefully more prosecutions and prison sentences for Underground Moms.


2 Responses to Parental Kidnapping is Aggravated Child Abuse

  1. Chochi says:

    I believe that the motivation for most mothers who choose to break the law and “run” is to “protect” their children. I empathize with any parent who the court ignores when it comes to protecting their kids. We have bad moms as well as bad dads out there. I believe “running” is a “desperate” act as opposed to a “malicious” one. Please remember that NOT protecting your children from an hurtful parent is against the law too. Courts don’t offer the same protections to the children harmed by an angry parent as they do to children harmed by strangers….

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