How Long Until the FBI Arrests Parental Kidnapper Elizabeth Stratton?

If Zachary Smith and Chelsea Smith have talked to the FBI, it can’t be that long until the FBI will arrest Elizabeth Stratton. First you have the initial kidnapping of these two young children in 1997 were kidnapped from their custodial father Michael Smith’s custody. They live Underground in hiding for 13 years, allegedly with the assistance of Faye Yager’s Children of the Underground Supporters. Now, almost 13 years later, these young adults surface and want to start their life. If they contact their mother Elizabeth Stratton who no doubt has another identity, is living in another country or even in the United States — they might divulge the whereabouts of the Abducting Parent – Elizabeth Stratton. From now on, every phone call or email they receive, city they visit, they could be followed by the FBI or even an investigator hired by their father Michael Smith — maybe even a TV or Film Crew.

Now what kind of life is that? There is one person alone responsible for changing these young adults lives — that’s Elizabeth Stratton. And the only way this story will have some closure is for Ms. Stratton to surrender to the FBI or local Police Department for arrest and criminal prosecution. Some advice for Elizabeth Stratton – if you surrender, it’s better to try and cut a deal under your terms rather than theirs. Since your initial crime, Family Abduction or Parental Kidnapping is a crime taken very seriously by District Attorneys. With all the custodial-embattled parents like you not satisfied with co-parenting or joint custody, they need to be tough on those that don’t take our Family Court System seriously.

Okay Ms. Stratton, it’s time for you to “Mom Up” and surrender to the FBI for the benefit of your children. What type of “Protective Parent” are you?


2 Responses to How Long Until the FBI Arrests Parental Kidnapper Elizabeth Stratton?

  1. EAT *** says:

    Ha..just read this. Clearly written by some ***** BAG, MAN, who thinks spouses and children ARE PROPERTY. *** you, *******. Oh…and if this is Michael *****…EXTRA **** YOU, PUNK *** LITTLE *****.

    • underwatch says:

      We would like to see Elizabeth Stratton, parental kidnapper arrested when she is located. Thanks for your myopic and ignorant comments.

      The Editor

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