Elizabeth Johnson – Is she Elizabeth Morgan or Susan Smith?

As Elizabeth Johnson’s story starts to unravel about the whereabouts of her young son, Baby Gabriel – Is she a self-proclaimed “protective parent” that is willing to stay in jail before disclosing the location of her son similar to Elizabeth Morgan? Or is she a lying and heinous child killer like Susan Smith?

In the ’80s, Elizabeth Morgan ( a doctor) sent her daughter Elizabeth to live with her parents in New Zeland after accusing her former spouse of abusing her daughter during supervised visitation. In addition, even more disturbing was that there were allegations that Morgan’s father had abused her.

If Johnson did find a family to aid and abet Elizabeth Johnson in this crime, then it’s likely she found some “protective parents” that were willing to go to any means, legal or illegal to keep Baby Gabriel from his custodial father. And if it was a protective parent group, then possibly one of the first clues would be the attorney that shows up to defend Elizabeth Johnson. However, in some cases, this attorney might not show up until several months into the case. It’s also possible if a group of protective parents have custody of Baby Gabriel, it could be possible to keep a child in a Hague or Non-Hague country like the Morgan case or possibly underground in the United States.

I really hope that Elizabeth Johnson would find the courage to mom-up and will disclose to authorities the exact location of Baby Gabriel. My gut feeling is that the longer she waits and if authorities end up finding Baby Gabriel on their own, she will receive a stiffer prison sentence. One way or the other, it sounds like she will be spending a long time in prison, but the sooner she takes some responsibility for her crime, the better for everyone and most importantly her son!


2 Responses to Elizabeth Johnson – Is she Elizabeth Morgan or Susan Smith?

  1. forthelost says:

    I’ve been hoping for some sort of evidence that Gabriel is still alive, but I haven’t seen it. Susan Smith.

  2. Where are Elizabeth Johnson’s parents and/or immediate family?

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