What is Silvia Bianchi Thinking?

I simply can’t understand why Sean Goldman’s maternal grandmother Silvia Bianchi would be telling the media that she will be fighting for custody. Who is giving her that horrible advice? It sounds like David Goldman is currently allowing Sean to speak to his grandmother. In my experience with that, the next thing parental kidnappers like Silvia Bianchi would do is to tell the media or provide in a future court document that the child said this or that in their phone conversation. Sergio Tostes already told the media that the child told a Brazilian psychiatrist that he wanted to stay in Brazil. That was wrong and if Silvia does the same thing, then David Goldman would have no other alternative but to terminate all unmonitored phone calls with the grandmother. And, that would be very, very sad! Hopefully, Silvia has already agreed that all phone conversations with her grandson are private and confidential and will never be disclosed to the media or in court documents.


2 Responses to What is Silvia Bianchi Thinking?

  1. Lucia says:

    Brazil is a beautiful country… The violence there is a shame and Silvia Bianchi is another HUGE shame to our country!
    I’m Brazilian, married with and American citizen for 14 years, mother of two boys – ages 6 and 11.
    This is ALL her fault! Bruna, for whatever reason wanted to leave her husband and her parents well planned all of this… How convinient it was to marry a wealthy lawyer and have a judge as a father-in-law!
    Corruption kept Sean away from his father for five years and finally justice spoke louder!
    In Portuguese we have a saying :
    o que aqui se faz, aqui se paga” (whatever bad we do in this world, right right we also pay for it!). Silvia Bianchi doesn’t seem to have learned her lesson as yet… She lost her own daughter but she haven’t undestand as yet what she had done… Can she sleep well in the night?

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for your open comments. It’s nice to hear comments from a Brazilian and parent. In the Elian Gonzalez case, as an American I was embarrassed that the United States did not reunite Elian with his father sooner. Just like in the Goldman case, the countries eventually did the right thing.

      The Editor

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