NBC Attacked for flying David Goldman and Son Home?

What is wrong with some members of the journalism community attacking NBC News for inviting David Goldman and his son to fly back to the United States with them? Does they actually think that news reporting is a “level playing field” and why would they think that the flight home is more of a news story rather than transportation for a father that just spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel and legal bills to recover his son. Don’t you think that David Goldman and his son rightfully deserved to fly back in a chartered jet back to the USA? Do you think after what David Goldman went through that he should not accept NBC’s offer. Is it wrong for David Goldman in this age of Reality TV to provide an exclusive interview to NBC?

I think David Goldman deserves some privacy but by reports that the media is camped outside his residence, he is just as much of celebrity as Jon and Kate, Octomom and Tiger Woods’ entourage of girl friends. Did the journalism community attack any journalists for possibly paying money to interview that cast of characters or do they actually believe that it was a level playing field for the media in obtaining those interviews.

In a family abduction, domestic or International, one of the most memorable events for a recovering parent is the plane flight home after a reunification. It is so wrong for the any journalist to attack NBC for this action, especially since NBC Dateline and the Today Show were also the main media networks in the U.S. to first cover this story. NBC rightfully deserves and earned the exclusive on this story — why can’t some of the members of the journalism community live with that and more importantly, show respect for this parent who just recovered his some from a very horrible and long parental kidnapping.


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