David Goldman Finally Recovers His Son!

As the Family Abduction community looked on and many left-behind victim parents were no doubt thinking, when will it by my turn — David Goldman was finally reunified with his son Sean Goldman at the U.S. Embassy in Brazil. Despite efforts by the U.S. Embassy to make this the reunification a private a discreet event, the Brazilian families and their attorney Sergio Tostes opted to bring the boy the U.S. Embassy with the swarms of media in front.

Clearly the right thing to do would have been to make this reunification as private as possible, and both step father and family law lawyer Joao Paulo Lins e Silva and his attorney Sergio Tostes should have known better — that said, their true motives using this child as a pawn for their personal notoriety may have been further outed today by their actions. There is absolutely no justification for their actions. If they truly cared about 9 year old Sean, they would tried to make the reunification as easy as posssible. Remember Elian Gonzalez and his Cuban father, they were reunified on a military base in the United States without the media.

Nevertheless, David Goldman will fly home with Sean today for that, we will take this time to celebrate this event with him and his son. Representative Chris Smith and Senator Lautenberg of New Jersey should be thanked along with the many other people that helped David Goldman. What a great Christmas this will be for David Goldman with his son Sean. Being reunified with the kidnapped child for Christmas is the dream of every single left-behind victim parent, for David Goldman that dream is most likely become the single greatest moment in his life — them moment he finally hugged his son and became the rightful custodial parent.


2 Responses to David Goldman Finally Recovers His Son!

  1. Mary says:

    Dear undergroundwatch,

    After years of studying actual international parental cases of the US, Canada and the European Union, I can only conclude that more of these cases will happen in the future.
    Not only because it is easy to find information concerning the subject (often in favour of the abductor) but also because of forum shopping.
    Abductors have many reasons why they take the child and are convinced that they are the only one acting in the best interest of the child (e.g. everyone who has a different opinion than the abductor, is corrupt: legal systems, the NCMEC…)
    Parental abductors know how to play the media and often have their own websites and organizations where they only publish information as e.g. case-law which is in their favour, gossip about the left-behind parent and his or her family, use the child by claiming that the child itself does not want to see or is afraid of the other parent… Also, many international parental abductors are afraid that the left-behind parent is going to snatch the child back and therefore make sure that the left-behind parent will never have the opportunity to see and meet their child. I have even read cases where the abductor is now arguing (after winning custody by forum shopping) how international parental abduction cases should be handled in the future!
    At this moment I believe that the “best interest of the child” does not exist in international parental abduction cases. If the abductor is really concerned about the “best interest of the child”, he or she should have never abducted the child.
    I hope next year more will happen to stop and solve international parental abductions.

    • underwatch says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your comments. I agree with you that the number of International Parental Abductions will increase because of forum or venue shopping. I do hope that any new legislation will not create any legal defenses to parental kidnapping, see it sounds like we both agree that there is never any excuse for parental kidnapping.

      I do think that the positive outcome of the Goldman case including its media attention and support by President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Congress was a great thing. It certainly raised the attention of the International Family Abduction issue and it seems less likely that a parent will say that they didn’t know the law when they kidnapped or left the country their child. Also, it raised the awareness of the Hague Convention among Global Family Law Judges.

      Now that both Elian Gonzalez was returned by the U.S. Court System to Cuba and Sean Goldman by the Brazilian Justice System to the U.S., there is hope that other cases will be re-evaluated in 2010 and other children returned to their respective countries.

      Mary, thanks again for your comments.

      The Editor

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